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  1. Cimplicity 8.0 Alarming

    Hi Guys, I am new to Cimplicity SCADA but I was familiar with HMI. Now my requirement is to separate / dedicate the alarms to each process or setup in the respective screen. Prior they have made all alarms to fire on all screens/ all process. Now idea to separate the alarms in the respective screen. In all screens on top, if I click on alarm object, its properties are Link Container and it has Link source file as xxx.cim and Link source Object as Alarm. Please guide me from the beginning, how they configured the existing alarms also I am not understanding. I need help please. Thanks a lot.
  2. Proficy HMI SCADA - CIMPLICITY 8.0 + Omron TCP

    Hi PDL, Can you please share me any examples you made while learning CIMPLICITY Thanks
  3. Cimplicity HMI/SCADA

    Hi Hope experts are there in Cimplicity please help me.... I need help in understanding OLE in CimEdit and VB Scripting, if examples would be better
  4. Cimplicity HMI/SCADA

    Hi Somehow got Cimplicity 8.2 demoversion. Now I started learning it.... How to read a PLC tag to Cimplicity. I have Omron PLC & HMI experience, where PLC register address i will assign on the HMI bargraph object suppose. so based on PLC register's value bargraph will show the display. How to achieve the same in Cimplicity screen and run to see the display of bargraph Also any material/sample code helpful for learning basics highly appreciated.
  5. Cimplicity HMI/SCADA

    Hi I'd like to evaluate my project on Cimplicity HMI/SCADA product software. So I went to GE website, unabe to download any trial version/ free demo version. Can some one help me in getting started with Cimplicity Very urgent help please...
  6. Career sugestion

    Hi Now I am looking for your valuable suggestion what would be the best for my career growth. If i am looking for new job openings on my present PLC / HMI developer skillset, not many openings and that to they would ask for more travelling. Being mother, I'd like to prefer no travel and like to do job at one place. So I am looking to enhance my skillset in the areas of MES, Flexnet. Could you please suggest some good trainings in MES, or what would be best for me. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi All, I want to know what is face plates and add on instruction features in RSLogix 5000. Because, I am a Omron PLC Programmer and some body told me that with RS Logix 5000 has much better capabilities using faceplates and AOI (Add On Instruction). I really like to know what is face plates and AOI (Add On Instruction) and how it is used in programming. Thanks
  8. Hello Can you please share me the PC programming cable details to MicroLogix1200 PLC. I have the PLC MicroLogix1200 with me but no programming cable. So I want to make the cable if you can help me in pin connections. Also One more is that I have bought Panelview component C600 model AB HMI. For this too please let me know PC programming cable details, Thanks Lakshmi
  9. PowerFlex 40P

    Hi Kaiser, Thanks for the reply. Could you give some more guidance on WebDock DAQ ?
  10. Hi All, I am using AB Power Flex40P VFD, where encoder can be connected to 40P. PLC as master and VFD as slave for start and stop commands for our application. After power up, machine is homed and then allowed to run the motor reverse and forward to reach certain distances for Gun which is mounted on the machine continuous. During this process, when machine working the whole day we want to keep the machine position as same with respect to all the speeds. I am using StepLogics, with which VFD can be stopped after reaching commanded destination, without any external stop command, by this i can achieve good accuracy. There are Pos tolerance,Pos Gain and Pos Fliter parameters playing major role in accuracy. what could be the best combination fo gain, filter & tolerance so that accuracy /position would be same with respect to all speeds and Accel/decel. I'd appreciate your early reply.
  11. 40P Drive

    Hi, I am using Power flex 40P drive for positioning control. My requirement is to run 3 position steps (Step0, Step1 and Step2) with corresponding Preset Fre0,1 and 2 in reverse direction from Home. I saw manual saying that E222 Positioning Mode set as Preset Input directly commands the drive to any step from Home reference. But this is not happening when I set E222=Preset Input,P36=COM port, P38=Positioning Mode. Then I am trying to give 8192 register as 34 value to move Step0. But this is not happening Why and where I might have done mistake of setting to achieve this. Also I want Rev direction from Home for all the 3 steps. Please help me ASAP
  12. Modbus PMCR Polling

    Is any other method for Modbus PMCR polling other than using a counter? Time b/n polls on a slave in 13 slave network is 1.5sec. I want to reduce this time.
  13. Modbus speed for 13 slaves

    Please find my original code for separate read and write using Function code 8 and 4 in second section. Also find Read& write in one PMCR using F17 in first section and both in same cxp file. Also the protocols i have attached for F17 and read ,write separately. It will be a great help if you could reply me as soon as possible. CJ1M_PMCR_JCH.cxp Modbusprotocol.rar
  14. PIDAuto tune Formula

    I actually wanted a c code for this PIDAT
  15. Modbus speed for 13 slaves

    The slave is a embedded card, which is connected to field IO rather than to Omron IO card. so over modbus, i am reading & writing status of inputs and outputs. Such i have 15 cards to communicate. Earlier i made read and write separately (13 for read + 13 for write) with 26 counter which was taking more time nealry 3sec. But i was continiously polling with that also and I don't know how to write only when data is changed. So later i changed to 17 code to reduce the poll size. I am also attaching the ladder code. could you tell me how would i do that. Could you please guide me.... CJ1M_PMCR_JCH.cxp