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  1. RedLion G303 Tags avalible

    Hi How many tags are available to be used in a  RedLion G303? I added a new tag  from  a PLC that is on line with other tags ,, but it says it is not available?
  2. Red Lion G310 trend

    To fix my problem I changed the setting in the Data Log History buffer to 256 now I can see 48Hr of history trending. Andrew
  3. Red Lion G310 trend

    Hi I have a G310 and do data logging but I only get 3.5 hr of trending . I have checked all the settings but can't find anything where the problem would be. Thanks Andrew
  4. Rsview32

    When ever I Use Rsview32 trending and use the most recent data it will show a date that is 3 years ahead of time but when I use the scroll button it will go to the current time . The date on my computer is correct to the current date. So I am wondering if there would be a other program that was installed using another date? Any body got an idea for a guy to check out? I attached 2 profiles with the trends. Andrea
  5. RSVIew32 dialing a cell phone

    Can it be done with a ML100? or what is the best way to do it with a ML1100 to send a text message? Thanks Andra
  6. Hi Guys Have any of you guys tried to send a alarm Text from a G3 Panel to a cell phone ? How do you set it up? Any help? Thanks
  7. micrologix RTC

    I use it to turn on a feeding system 3 times a day 4:00 10:00 16:00
  8. Tempture controller

    yes it is .5deg noise that will turn it on and off so the timer prevents that. I had to change the rungs . The program is edited now. the program works ,but was wondering if this is the right way of doing it or is there a better way?
  9. Tempture controller

    Right now when the temperature will reach high or low, for a second or 2 it will go on and off because of the way the analog sensor sense the temperature since I have added the timer it has to time out before it can come back on.
  10. Tempture controller

    I am controlling a hotwater boiler . all I want to do is have a high set point and a 5 c offset the timer is to prevent it from cycling to fast.
  11. Tempture controller

    Hi Guys I am setting up a water boiler with a analog sensor input. I am wondreing if there is a better way of controling the offset and timedelay than what I have in the program I have posted. I have added the time delay so the output will not cycle to fast. Are there any better ideas? Andrea boiler_temp.RSS
  12. ML1100 second bit

    Hi Guys I would like to put a timer on the plc inputs to see how long the are running. Because I am using 6 inputs I don't want to setup 4 T4's. does the ML1100 have a true 1 second bit that i could use after the inputs and use a counter to count the second pulses.. I know that the ML1200 does not have a true second bit. Regards Andrea
  13. net eni MSG

    I should rephrase my question. Can I read a MSG from a ML1200 with a NET ENI with a ML1200 that has a NET ENI also? Or it it possible to read a MSG with 2 ML1200 with NET Eni's ?
  14. net eni MSG

    HI All I read the net eni manual about MGSing. All it is talking about is writing a MSG . My question is can you read a massage from a ML1200 with a Ml1200? Regards Andrea