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  1. Manually uninstalling RsLogix 5000 v18

    I had the same problem recently (within the last month) with Logix 5000. My IT dept had automatic updates on and there was a Microsoft update that caused it to hang. I had to restore my PC twice and only then would IT disable auto updates. This was on a Win 7 system with RSL5K running in XP mode.
  2. Motor Lead Wire

    This is just a guess, but weld applications are typically very low voltage with very high current for short durations. Drive applications have high voltage output (spikes to 1.5xVin) and constant current levels. Could it be that the jacketing on weld cables are not rated for the high spikes that drives produce? That is one of the key reasons for purchasing inverter-rated motors over standard motors.
  3. Panel Thermal Management

    The plant I work in uses a chilled water supply to control the temperatures of extruders, mixers and injection molding machines. We do not, however, use the chilled water system to control the temperatures in our electrical cabinets. It is a novel idea, but here are some things to consider: 1) What is the temperature of the chilled water supply at the point where the heat exchanger will be installed? This is important to think about because if your water supply is less than dewpoint of the ambient air, then condensation could be an issue. This can be an issue with AC units as well, but some of the better ones have appropriate dissipation methods to burn off the condensate. AC units also have temp controllers to limit how low the temp can get. 2) I did not see if there were any controls in the heat exchangers. Specifically, will water flow to the exchanger be stopped when there is no need for cooling? If not, will you add it? This could be helpful in controlling #1 above and could help reduce the heat load on your chilled water system. I am interested in the results if you decide to use the heat exchangers coupled to your chilled water system. Keep us posted on your decision and results.
  4. Output card dropping out

    Check to see what the maximum allowable current per point or group is and check it against your loads. If you are driving inductive loads like relays or contactors, the inrush current could be high enough to send the output cards into current limit. Some manufacturers have output cards that reset automatically, and others latch the current limit. Check to see if the card you are using have this feature. If so, you can use small relays or optocouplers between the plc output and the device. You could also try using individual snubber devices across the outputs to limit the effects of inrush.
  5. micrologix 1200 up load comment

    Comments are not stored in the processor. If you want the original comments, you will need a copy of the file that the programmer created.
  6. Managing the SCADA Base OS

    Daryl: We run RSView32 on WinXP systems here. We DO apply the security patches. However they can be quite a pain because they install upon a system boot. If a machine is not powered down or the PC rebooted for a time, the patches can be many. We have tried to get maintenance to reboot the systems weekly. Rebooting also helps clean out the buffers and closes out unused apps that may have been started and shut down. We use OfficeScan antivirus software because the machines are connected to a network with outside access. We also do remote monitoring and modifications, so the AV software helps. We do not lock down the OS, but operators do not mess with the PCs except for the HMI application running. Our systems automatically login to a generic user. If another level of access is needed, another generic account is used. We do not have individual logins. The process is the same for standalone systems as the ones that are linked to the outside or on our main network.
  7. EVRSI to FactoryTalk

    You can get Activation support without a contract ONLY if it is a FT activation. EVRSI activations are not supported without a contract. I have just converted several pages of software from EVRSI for this reason.
  8. Ultra 3000 Category 3 Safety

    Ultra 3000 does not have a 'safe-off' option, so on jobs I have done in the past, I utilized redundant power contactors between the drive output and the motor. These contactors were controlled by a safety relay with a time-delayed output module. When an e-stop was pressed or a guard was opened, the system would go into an emergency stop mode that worked as follows: 1) Immediate outputs of main safety relay would initiate a stop command to the drive. (The drive needs to be set up with a high deceleration rate.) 2) The time-delayed outputs would be wired to a) the enable on the drive and b) the coils of the redundant contactors. These outputs of the safety relay would be set up to open after the deceleration would theoretically be over. (example: servo set to decel load in .25 seconds, therefore the safety relay would be set up to open time-delayed contacts after 0.375 or 0.5 seconds). Of course, the contactors would need to be monitored by the safety relay to ensure they are responding in time and properly resetting. CAUTION: If the contactors are opened while the servo is still enabled or if the motor is in servo-controlled motion, damage may occur to the drive. It may occur on the first instance or the 100th instance, but it is not good for the output stage of the servo (or VFD for that matter) to open the circuit under load. You MUST make sure that your decel rates are set up properly. The contactors allow the drive to do the work to decel the load and should only open under load if the drive has malfunctioned. A-B had an example on their Knowledge Base several years ago for this setup. It is probably still there, but I am sorry I cannot point you to a specific article.
  9. AC Servo Motor with different Feedback on AB Kinetix 350

    The feedback device on a servo motor serves two purposes: 1) position feedback for the application and 2) position feedback for commutation. Commutation is the most important function. Without this 'alignment' the servo amp cannot properly control the torque, speed and direction. Does AB have a way to determine or set the proper alignment? If so, I would like to see what procedure is used.
  10. Time Sync

    Interesting topic. I will watch to see what you come up with. Regarding the atomic clocks- we used to use them in our plants, but most of them had trouble getting the signal. This could have been due to cheap clocks, I am not sure. The one we had in our office never could sync after Daylight Savings Time changes unless we either took it outside or set it on a window sill. The clock was mounted on a wall about 30 feet from a wall of windows. This could point to the cheap clocks theory... Good luck, please tell us your solution when you get it.
  11. Upgradding Contrologix

    If you installed the upgrade in addition to the original installation of Logix5000 (as opposed to replacing), you will not need to upgrade the firmware of your older Logix controllers. When you open a file or connect to a controller, the software checks to see which version firmware is tagged to that project. I currently have all versions from 10 to 18 installed on my laptops because we have different vintage processors in our facility.
  12. The definitions

    1) This is the rating of the disconnect. You can connect loads up to and including 30 amps to this device. When fusing, the disconnect, fuses must not exceed this value. 2) This is the rating of the fuses installed for this particular circuit. Main conductors coming from this fuse block must be sized to handle the rating of the fuses. 3) SCCR - Short circuit current rating. Per 2008 NEC Article 100: "Short-Circuit Current Rating. The prospective symmetrical fault current at a nominal voltage to which an apparatus or system is able to be connected without sustaining damage exceeding defined acceptance criteria." This is basically the amount of current a device can safely withstand during a short circuit (while the circuit protection is heating up, but before it trips or a fuse blows). The SCCR rating is used to design circuits that are safe to workers exposed to the live circuitry. It is used in arc flash calculations and required in the U.S. where the NEC (National Electrical Code) 2008 has been adopted. This is a simple overview. Hopefully it is helpful.

    I used to do tech support for the industrial distributor I worked for. It was amazing how appreciative some can be and how rude others can be. The place I worked did not charge for phone support and only sometimes charged for field support. We did it in the interest of supporting and promoting our product. It would get so frustrating to deal with people who were rude to you when you were just trying to help.

    I do not mind paying for support if it is a reasonable cost. I have a problem with paying tens of thousands of dollars per year on something I MAY use. The problem is that my company only really needs access to the Knowledge Base and an occasional license re-issued after a hardware failure. My local distributor has always been able to support me (often better than Rockwell) in the cases when I need help. For $30k a year, it is better for me to take my chances and if I do lose a license, buy a new installation. The problem with that is that you have to wait days for them to send the disks and license. The days of A-B owning the automotive and Detroit markets are over. Overpricing hardware, software and charging for support are some of the reasons why. The company I work for has been staunch A-B supporters in the past but now we may need to include others in our specifications.

    What is worse, if you have multiple installations, they ding you even harder. We were quoted just under $30k to keep our software in support. I have not been able to get a response when I asked them to pare down their price. What's worse is that the $30k is the DISCOUNTED rate they offered!
  16. First, if there is an operator interface on the system, check to see if it is writing to the system. Second, it could have been used as a way to track the program to a specific machine. Does the number 1562 mean something? Like the following: Asset number? Line number? Serial number? Job number? Drawing number? If someone other than your company provided the machine, it could relate to one of their job numbers as well. We use float or string registers to on a system we have duplicated where the hardware and hmi screens are all the same. When the operators log data or print screen, the screen or logged data include the line number. Just a couple thoughts.

    I agree with Shiner. I do the same thing in my designs. You need to look at the type of load you have and the amount of times it will turn on/off. Inductive loads which turn on and off several times per hour are good candidates for using a relay to act as a cheap buffer between the plc and load.
  18. 440L Safety Light

    I tried to find your light curtain number and I believe it is incomplete. I wanted to check your specific system because SOME light curtains do not allow you to blank the top or bottom beams. As a test for this, you could use your electrician's tape to blank an area in the center of the sticks. You would do this off of your machine (w/o conveyor legs in the way).
  19. Ultrasonic for aggregate material?

    The part that makes this tricky is whether or not you need to "see" the whole 36" width of the conveyor. You may need to use multiples. I will be using an EchoPod ultrasonic sensor from Flow Line Options on a tank level system. This particular sensor has a range of 49.2" with only a 2" deadband. The beam width is 2" and touts an accuracy of 0.125" and a resolution of 0.019". It has 4-20mA out as well as 4 relays. The outputs are set up using a supplied software package. A comm adapter will need to be purchased, but the price was reasonable. The sensor will run me under $400 and the programming fob will run about $50. I have used similar sensors from Carlo Gavazzi that were in a 18mm tubular form, but the dead band was significant and they only provided 4-20mA output. If you need a wider view, or a longer range, you may need to look at radar. A laser scanner could also do the trick, but would be significantly more expensive.
  20. ML 1400 PID

    Yes, it is most commonly referred to as a following application. I am not at all familiar with the AD products so I cannot elaborate to help you. Good luck.
  21. versaview 1500p screen locking up

    Do you know if they were part of the hard drive recall? The age places them in the ballpark for a known hard drive problem. The units would run for a while and then quit. I was told it was linked to a bearing issue in the hard drive. The units would lock up and the only way to get them to recover was to reboot. If you were lucky, they would run for a while until the drive acted up again and needed the reboot. Finally, it would quit for good.
  22. ML 1400 PID

    Depending on the type of drives that you are using, you may be able to directly connect the analog out of the servo to the analog in of the vfd to control vfd speed. A lot of drives have follower mode that when configured properly, work quite well. Tell us the hardware you are using and maybe we can help. I have several projects going, but I will keep an eye on this post in case I can help you with better details.
  23. PanelBuilder32 3.83

    PanelBuilder32 always checks the program during a save. If there are any objects on the screen that are touching each other, a validation WARNING will be present. In this case, you can click YES when asked to continue and the program will be compiled. The application will then be ready for download. HOWEVER, if errors are detected during the validation, you will not be able to download the application to the device. I hope this clears things up.
  24. Sanity Check Please

    BobLFoot: I love it. I am glad that I am not the only one thinking this way. I use a saying often that goes "You cannot rationalize the thoughts of the irrational person." I use this when discussing why murderers, rapists, psychopaths and governments do things. Now, I am not saying that the Government is a bunch of murderers, rapists and psychopaths (not all of them, anyway), but I just don't 'get' the thought processes some times. Thanks for the break from the technical discussions.
  25. Ultra3000 Error 23 help

    I have had limited results with autotune on the Ultra 3000 drives. If you are familiar with tuning, you should manually adjust the tuning parameters and monitor the results. I agree that slowing down accel and decel rates should help.