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  1. Laptop whit out serial port

    Quatech only takes up one slot. It has a cable dongle. I can keep the card in there while traveling so I don't have to worry about damaging it. Haven't had a single miss with it yet, not saying its perfect though.
  2. How To Link Keyence Plc With Pc?

    I hope he found an answer by now. The point of posting it was so that engineers that are looking for the answer now can find it. It took a little looking on my part to find the wiring diagram I needed for it. Thought this might be a good website to post this so people could look it up. I try to look for things before I ask questions. Just trying to make things easier for others to look it up without having to wait for an answer.
  3. How To Link Keyence Plc With Pc?

    On the pc side. We were having trouble connecting to a very old machine and were trying a couple of different combos when I stumbled on this. It worked.
  4. Laptop whit out serial port

    Quatech SSP-100 G is a fairly reliable card that once inserted into laptop is flush with outside of laptop. Comes with an adaptor cable so you can leave it in laptop and not have to worry about it getting damaged unless you have the cable hooked up to it. I Also use the keyspan and I've had good luck with it.
  5. How To Link Keyence Plc With Pc?

    The Keyence website is a pain. If you want to make your own cable here's a pin out. PC ----------PLC 2--------------2 5--------------3 3--------------4 Jump 4 to 6 7 to 8