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  1. Hi, Mark. Just ran into a mutual acquaintance - Randy Dorset. He said to say Hi. He's working in South Dallas at Dolco Packaging as general maintenance manager. He's also an Omron champion and we will be upgrading one of his extruders.

  2. Hey, buddy! How's it going? Omron sold my division and now I'm a disty.

  3. Hey, buddy! How's it going? I'm kinda new at this friends thing.

  4. NTXS V1.03

    Do you still have a copy of this older install?

  5. Looks like you have some heavy duty work to do 


  6. hing wrong with Forum browse.  See this link


  7. Happy Birthday1 Thanks for all you contribute at MrPLC.com

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Bob!  Thanks for all you do for folks at MrPLC.com.  You are a great mentor for a lot of young'uns.