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  1. Hi all, I have a problem with a momentum PLC which is going spontaneously from 'run' to 'stop'. Going online (with concept) shows the cpu status as 8010. When I set it to run again it is fine for a while and then stops again. I can find no mention of this status code in any documentation. This plc is a replacement (about 3 months old) for another which did exactly the same thing so I guess the problem lies elsewhere. In the same plant are several (about 120) other momentums which don't exhibit this behaviour. Can anyone point me to the meaning of the error code? Thanks Ian.
  2. Downloading manuals

    Aha! now I think I understand. But what a shame the other Mitsi sites don't have such a good download section - it really is awesome now I can get to it. Thanks for all your help Best regards Ian.
  3. Downloading manuals

    True, but there seem to be a lot more on www.meau.com if only I could get to them. Thanks Ian.
  4. Downloading manuals

    Hello, Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but how do I see what manuals can be downloaded from www.meau.com? If I go to the main page and click on "Downloads" (top right) I get redirected to http://wwwf2.mitsubishielectric.co.jp/english/ I know from the links kindly posted here that good quality pdfs are available for public download so what can I be doing wrong? TIA Ian.