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  1. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    So if I good understand I can replace and program it. My host link unit is has different first part of code 3G2A6-LK201-EV1 I hope it will work. Thank you for quick help. Best regards Konrad
  2. Omron sysmac c20 cpu74e

    Hello. I have a question about this unit.  I have broken C20 CPU73E.  Can I use instead of it C20 CPU84E or C20 CPU74E and copy program using C-120 LK201-E -EV1 Host link unit by syswin? I have a backup from original PLC. Hope there is someone who know this museum models...
  3. MC221

    Thank you all. Checked all places and still look for good ofer. If somoene personally have a part please let me know.
  4. MC221

    Thank you for your answer Jay. So I have to buy C200H-MC221. Need also for that unit C200H s or CT021. If anybody have a spare units like this above or know any other place than producer (high price) where I can find this parts please for reply. Thanks again Jay Antony.
  5. MC221

    Hi everybody. Have short question. Anybody know if it is possible to instal CS1W-MC221 against C200H-MC221 in PLC C200H? This servodriver work in 2 axis and contron just linear moovement in the machine. Thanks for help in adwance.
  6. C500-cpu11-v1

    Yes. I replaced components on the motherboard - quartz and capacitors. Regading I/O and swithes - all was OK. I didn't change anything. I checked I/O list and was correct. The program was running but blocked on one step. I looked for the mistake but can't find anything. Swith of and on machine some times and after last controller show err lamp. I change memory unit - no err, but program works wrong. The hardware was checked many time - is OK. Now I sent the CPU unit to Omron for repairing - not possible to buy new. Befor I had many troubles with NC103 unit. FInaly I found that all parameters was changed, all values was wrong, also don't know how it was happend? There is no programming unit and original machine steering program has no option to change them. Hope that omtron repair will help.
  7. C500-cpu11-v1

    Hi. I have a probblem with old controller C500-CPU11-V1. Controller looks as working, there is a power and run light on, but works not correct. If I try to download a new program to RAM unit there is all downloaded correct but program works wrong. I use SYSWIN for programmin. When I select ONLINE / ERROR LOG I got a message that PLC responded incorrectly. Before controller was running, but run diode was off, I replaced Quartz 16MHZ than now run diode is on, but still not wotk correct. I buyed RAM unit to check machine and PLC but now with this RAM unit I have an ERR diode. WIth old ROM program PLC styill responded incorrectly. Machine has also I/O and NC103 units, but I don't think that there is a probblem. What can be broken? Anybody tryed to repair this unit?
  8. NC103 CNC error without RUN diode

    I have the old NC103 axis drive. After axis moovment starting the driver light on CNC ERROR but RUN diode is off. In manual there is no this error option. There is only CNC error with RUN. This situation happend on 3 same axis drivers so I think a hardware shouldn't be broken. Maybe. The CNC error code is 2600 that mean Position data and speed data doesn't exist in the addres having attributi of pattern zero. Enybodu can help??
  9. CNC erron on NC103 c500

    Hi dears. I see that this controler is not so famous. I still have this problem, any starting with axes, home position, manual driving gives the CNC error on all 3 axes. I checked connections - seems to be OK. but I can't control which kind of CNC error that is - there are many reasons? still waiting for help...
  10. CNC erron on NC103 c500

    I see there is a realy big problem, I don't know if this error comes from software or form hardware? Anybody know?
  11. C500 adresses

    Thanks GTSUPPORT. I prepaired a list on EXCEL with all adresses for my configoration, is very usefull. On the NC103 are more bits not usedn not only in Chanel n and n+2, but that is I think not used especialy on my machine. But addreses are recognized. Now I have the next problem you can see on the new topic CNC error on NC103 Thanks for all help.
  12. CNC erron on NC103 c500

    To everybody who know the old PLC. I have C500-NC103 3G2A5-NC103g axes controler on steering system. Recognize all adresses on PLC. Unfortunately have a problem by drive starting to reference position (origin). Directly by pressing start button I have CNC error on the all 3 axes. CNC error can ocure because of many reasons according to axes manual. I don't know how to check what kind of causes becomes this error message. I use SYSWIN34 over host link LK201, but I get also a PRO15 programming console. How is the easiest way to recognize above error? looking for helping hand, THX
  13. C500 adresses

    So if I good understand. the chanel 8 B0-15 Host PC -> position control unit data bus and chanel 10 B0-15 Host PC <- position control unit data bus example for axis 1 are not useded by working program? I checked chanel 9 and 11 is used and there is description for it in the axis manual. I miss the n and n+2 chanel seems be not used thanks for your help
  14. Best Control Engineers?

    Hi. In my opinion better are of course electrical. In most companies I know there are 2 different jobs, mechanic make very good his job, but usualy doesn't know what is a voltage, programming - no chance, electrical man must know all because if you make a steering and programming you must know how the example machine works. Usualy in my country I think best are automatics, they're educated in all faculities. But off course there are some exceptions. best regards
  15. C500 adresses

    Hello everybody. I have an old OMRON C500 CPU11 with: ID219 -64 input card: addreses 000.00 till 003.15 OD213 -64 output card: addreses 004.00 till 007.15 NC103 position control unit Axis 1: NC103 position control unit Axis 2: NC103 position control unit Axis 3: ID213 -16 input card: OUT DC211 16 output card: every nc103 unit have 2chanels per16 bits but next inputs I mean 008.00.. doesn't exist in old program. (I think the program schould be completely) My problem is with all manuals I can't recognize where are the adresses for last 5 cards Enybody remember so old CPU model? Thanks in adwance for any help.