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  1. Downloads, capped at 50K

    Would that last limitation apply to Swedes as well? +me has 100/10 ethernet as internet connection at home...
  2. WiFi woes in a hotel

    No, you can't count on that. Originally, before there was any DNS system, all addressing over the internet was done via /etc/hosts. When the internet grew, this quickly grew out of hand (to many hosts added, to many changing addresses because whatever). Hence the DNS system. MrPLC and dnsstuff.com will probably not change IP addresses very often - but you can't really count on that it won't happen, ever (even for companies, they might change web hotel etc).
  3. Databases

    Yep, it is the standard for query languages (although many variations exist for different implementations like SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc). Others exist, but are mostly used only in very special situations. Upcoming variants of query languages are different variations of OQL (object query languages) and XML-based databases but there really isn't any standardization in those areas (and OQLs usually build on SQL), so I would recommend learning these specifically for the DBs you are using. I would however also try to learn a bit about database design, normalizing relational databases etc, perhaps even some useful tools for DB design like the Entity-Relationship model.
  4. Oooh! Really nice! That's one of the main things missing with previous releases of CX-Programmer. There are lots of equipment that is a lot easier to program with flow charts than with ladder.
  5. C200H-AD002

    I found the manual online and it just looks like the standard connector (same as simple I/O, like 16x digital in and 16x digital out). Omron should still sell those, but possibly just together with the rest of the I/O card. Can you confirm that it is the same connector as on for example OC226, ID212? However, with some luck there is someone with one of these still left as a spare (for example after a card has gone bad). I know the company I used to work on (which only did PLC programming) had a bunch of spares and half-broken equipment around, and would have been able to supply one, but I don't work there anymore...
  6. OMRON LADDER LOGIC? dublicated output warning

    Actually, you can. I've ignored quite a lot of those warnings, and if you really know what you do you can save a lot of programming by using more than one write to a variable. The second write will simply overwrite the result from the first one. It's however NOT something that should be done by a newbie, and only in exceptional cases by experienced programmers.
  7. Cool signatures

    Animated signatures are (possibly) funny the first time you see them. The second time and after it is only annoying... But signatures still can be funny, AND good. They just need to be text ones...
  8. UL 508/508A?

    Uhm, not all of them. All the in-cabinet wiring I have done in Sweden has been black (400VAC), red (230VAC), darkblue (24VDC), lightblue (0V in three-phase 400V and 230V), yellow+green (ground), orange (foreign voltage). And it was according to whatever standard is valid in Sweden... I think this should conclude with: "Standards are so good, everyone should have one of their own!"
  9. Some PLCs have built in clock bits (on Omron: P_1s et al). They should be exact, I suppose.
  10. Ethernet to Cellular

    There are also hardware devices with the same functionality
  11. Ethernet to Cellular

    Of course it only can send e-mail over ethernet. But you could convert ethernet to a modem connection with a ten year old computer, a modem, a floppy and <a href="http://www.freesco.org">Freesco</a> (or any of several other floppy-based Linux distributions). Using a windows based computer and Internet Sharing gains you the same functionality, and probably there are several other approaches...
  12. Ethernet to Cellular

    Plain old telephone modem also isn't an alternative? For such a limited application I think it would be cheaper than choosing a cellphone. OTOH, if there isn't any nearby (< a few hundred meters) telephone connection, it could get expensive due to equipment cost for the interconnecting network. If you want more info on devices for the approach of cellular networks, the search terms "gps", "gprs" and "router" will be the obvious ones.
  13. CQ1MH Expansion Instructions

    Strange, it shouldn't. The MOVL instruction just came with the CJ/CS series, so it shouldn't even be available. Unless you've already found out, the old-school alternative is to use a XFER #2 (from memory) (to memory) instruction.
  14. Promi-SD202-OA

    You could also use a wireless device server (which uses WLAN instead of Bluetooth), like the Moxa NPort W2180...
  15. comeng: It used to be 220/380 V in Sweden as well, and in several other european countries as well, but it has been standardized on 230/400 instead. The difference really isn't that important - both voltages are within the error margin of the other, just around 5% off.