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  1. Hi all; Is it possible to use "1756-ENBT" for free TCP socket programming, think there is a pc running visual basic, e.t.c tcp/ip program and controllogix 5561 sends some data to PC via using "MSG" command. I will be very happy if someone send me some example code or manual how to do it. Best wishes to everyone
  2. wireless start stop

    Thank you for your reply, the products look ok but the device I am looking for is a small device like the device you open your car doors and garage doors
  3. Hi all; Think a robot system or an automated production line in a factory. Basically there are start/stop buttons wired to start and stop the machine. I would like to learn from your experiences if you tried making this control wireless RF devices like car or garage door remote controllers. I do not want to try this with standart devices for cars and home automation,I need industrial devices seems like car remote controls. Could anyone direct me to a supplier or a company. Best wishes
  4. Hello Dears; Does anyone have any knowledge about April1000, April2000 Series PLC, as I research it this is an old product by Schneider electric. I have an assembly code with this PLC to convert to another PLC and I am searching its assembly code definitions and software. Best Regards april_PLC.pdf
  5. my configuration

    Hi all; Everyone know my question i think but i must ask again:) Before now the machines i programmed has short cyclic times but i always used Hardware PLC , but now i'll make a long cycle dyeing machine automation program with softPLC (i afraid it is soft), and.the PC will work on bad(hot) condition. In the PC, SCADA and Soft PLC will run together and the machine will have only one Electrical cabinet and the Panel PC will be mounted on this cabinet. As you understand my necessary things are; 1. Low cost Panel PC (15'') 2. Low cost SCADA 3. Low cost Soft PLC 4. Low cost digital and analog I/O units(in the same panel, distance is 3-4 metres maximum). As i r esearched My configuration is: 1. Low cost Panel PC----->Benecom(Thailand) 2. Low cost SCADA-----> Winlog SCADA 3. Low cost Soft PLC------> ? 4. Low cost digital and analog I/O units(in the same panel, distance is 3-4 metres maximum)----> ? Does anyone can give me reference especially for the PANEL PC, because i need really water resistivity and MAX temperature 40-45 Celcius. It says NEMA STANDARD but i know IP 65. Is NEMA ok for my requirements? And also with WINLOG SCADA?Did any of you used before? and can tell me something about it's flexibility? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi all; As i wrote it in the topic description i'm trying to make a wireless communication with 10 NS Series (ethernet) HMI and a CJ series ethernet CPU (TOTAL LENGTH= 500m) as it is very difficult to make cabling i would like to ask to you by your experiences which product must i choose for wireless ethetnet communication? of course low price and high quality :)
  7. Hi all; We (3 young electronics engineers) are trying to build a new company together and we are walking on the most difficult way at the moment and our problem is not a plc communication error or a scada software caused problem, We are just looking for a good attractive company name:) If you find some little time and you already have a good english word company name can you share it with us.Thanks all.... Note:The company will placed in TURKEY and our abilities are mostly: SCADA, PLC-HMI programming, Drives, Robotics, Electrical design, e.t.c
  8. scheduled interrupt with devicenet

    Hi all; I'm trying to collect some data from an analog unit which is replaced in a devicenet network node,my cpu is CS1-H, i want to get the samples for ex: with 30 ms interval, but my plc program cycle is totally for ex:100 ms, so i thought it and i can do it may be with a scheduled interrupt with interval at 30 ms , but i don't know how to refresh the CIO for the analog input slave unit ,i read the CJ1G programming manual and i saw an instruction "DLNK" CPU BUS UNIT I/O REFRESH. If i write this in the scheduled interrupt task can i refresh the inputs regardless to the cpu total cycle time and like this can i get the analog values with 30 ms interval? If this is not possible with this method ,by another method can i get the data with a higher speed than total plc cycle? If yes how? Can anybody help me? Note: Changing an reducing the program cyle time is possible but the program is inside in a running machine i don't have much time to write it again
  9. Hi all; I'm a new user of mitsubishi and i'm trying to program GOT1000 but i don't have the original programming cable i made a 5 meter cable with the connections like below female1 female2 2------------------->3 3------------------->2 5-------------------->5 4--------------------->8-6 (8 and 6 short circuit) 8-6 --------------------->4 (8 and 6 short circuit) Is that connection true?because i don't have enough time to wait the original cable if it is true or if i made the true one what must be the communication settings of COM port of PC. Because when i try to test the communication in the GT-designer VER2.27 it says you couldn't establish a communication Check the cable or check the port settings, but as there is no STANDARD OS in the GOT i couldn't check the port settings of GOT. Is it possible to see these settings without a STANDARD OS. If anybody help me withe this problem i will be happy.

    D05E6C2C1101.pdfpnp_enc_plc_pnp_input_connection_.pdfHi all, I have some problems with the connection of "E6C2-C6WZ NPN open collector output " encoder ,as my pulse frequency is low i am trying to connect PHASE A , PHASE B AND Z of this encoder to directly a NPN digital input unit , but as i am not good at electronics i couldn't do it , i found something in the manual of the encoder, if i do the same connection that is defined for CQM1H-CPU43 for other NPN type PLC DIGITAL INPUT UNIT does it work or not? can anybody help me with this problem?

    Hi everybody; I have STEP 7 V5.3 SP3 but it is not licensed. I have 2 questions to you. 1. What is the difference between the licenced one and the unlicensed one?. As i know normally if you use unlicensed one you only get 2 kind of messages in your PC 1 .There is no valid licence please install a valid licence you press "OK" and go on. 2. "Do you want to activate licence?" you have two choices 1.Activate 2. Skip.As i know if you have not valid licence key and you press skip no problem but i think if you press activate then system halts:) i don't know what happens because i didn't click it. 2. I want to see profibus nodes' situtaions in the network , some of the other brands you can be online on the profıbus network and when you right click on the symbol of that node you can see the diagnostics of that node.I want to learn if it is possible in my unlicensed STEP7? If it is possible how can i do it? can anybody tell me basically this subject? Thanks a lot

    Hello everybody; I don't know PROFISAFE ın details but at the moment i have a profıbus network that is completely from SIEMENS ( existing CPU İS S7-CPU315 2PN-DP) in the network thera are SIEMENS ET200S (IM151" 6ES7-151-1BA01-0AB0) slaves in the slaves there are Digital inputs-digital outputs and PROFISAFE inputs (6ES7-138-4FA01-0AB0) and PROFISAFE outputs (6ES7-138-4FB01-0AB0). I downloaded the slave's interface modules GSD files from siemens website (IM151" 6ES7-151-1BA01-0AB0) and i tried to make a network CONFIGURATION ın an other brand of cpu from OMRON when i added a slave in the slave's list i could see the normal digital inputs and output's codes but i coudn't see any code about PROFISAFE inputs (6ES7-138-4FA01-0AB0) and PROFISAFE outputs (6ES7-138-4FB01-0AB0).Can anyone tell me this happens why and how could i solve this problem? My second question is if i make hardware configuration in SIMATIC MANAGER i couldn't see PROFISAFE inputs and outputs in the list, i still use SIMATIC MANAGER V5.3 SP1.Can anybody help me about this subject?

    Hi everybody; As i wrote to the forum before i have some problems with the fb usage the main problem is: The function blocks has a restriction for the number of input and output there can be maximum 64 inputs and 64 outputs. I am making a production line program per each machine there are profıbus remote i/o devices and in the line there are some machines which has same algorithms so the thing i want to do is: making a function block related with the algorithm of this machine type and in the main program there will be these function blocks named with the machine number for example machine_1, machine_2, e.t.c, as i wrote above the algorithm of machine_1 and machine_2 is same only the physical inputs and outputs will change and machines will work independently. Normally i create a function block named machine_x and i define the inputs and outputs as "bool" in the function block. And in the main program i put the inputs and outputs with the physical machine_1's and machine_2's digital i/o's like 3200.0, 3200.1 ,3300.0, 3300.1. But in this case if machine has more than 64 digital inputs or more than 64 digital outputs you couldn't create a function block with this type of machine. My questions are: 1. In the cases like this i can make the inputs and outpus word and in the fb i can use "mov" and "compare" commands, but in this case the fb takes more place in the program memory and data memory ,and there will be some some difficulties with naming the symbols of the fb, for example you have a program network which will make an output to a drain_valve by pressing the start button but you couldn't write the fb with "LD" AND "OUT" "instuction. What are your opinions for handling to this problem? 2. My opinion is creating a simple function block with SCL high level language which can convert the word inputs to the internal boolean array and can outputs these arrays as boolean. In the start of the program if i call this fb 10 times with different input words then fb will convert this words to my internal input boolean bits ( start button,e.t.c) i will use these bits in the program. As there are not restrictions for the internal variables i can read 64X16 digital bits and if i make the inverse of this trip at the and i can write 64x16 digital outputs with using function blocks. But i don't know the SCL commands can anyone send me some documents which describes the SCL commands (with examples it will be perfect")

    i did it by thinking each bit of the array as a word array. the bit is always the first bit of the word array's element for example if you think x[number of elements=16] and you use the first bits of the array you must write "SETA X[0], &0, &1" then if you want to reset all first bits you write "RSTA X[0], &0, &256"(16X16). In this solution you waste bits and you waste program memory for single set operation because you write SETA (NOT SET). Also For LD command you have to use BTEST command because your bits are the first elemnts of the word array. As your approach to the problem it is not useful because if you make the variable as "AT" AND you assigned w400 for example and you use two or three times these function block in different places in the program then the function block doesn't work as a function f(x) it works like a subroutine i think

    Hi everybody; I'm a new user of FB's in plc i defined a bool array x[number of elements=15] and i want to reset all of this array with only one command like "RSTA". How can i do this? i couldn't find the syntaxes i think. when i write "set x[0]" or x[1], e.t.c. it works, but when i want to make this with multiple set-reset commands i couldn't do it. can anybody help me?