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  1. I have a project to put in a PLC system, (omron) into a research facility. I have done this before and used the omron multi drop connector, (I dont generally like them as they are not very well designed, if you have a small box you have to remove the whole thing off the din rail to get the connectors off.) I am looking for something that I can wire up using tek cable (Flexible armoured with the plastic sheath) 1/2 conduit connections. that comes as a prebuild package I have about 50 - 60 of these things to make and I would much rather just purchase the finished product. any suggestions would be great
  2. Restoring Factory talk View SE

    Mmmm Ok We are going to be Replacing the Dead (no file recovery possible) primary HMI Server with a new Server I have installed the Factory Talk View site edition. the backup server is currently being used to operate the plant. I have the New server, OS and Factory talk software installed. does this change the advice? thanks for the help
  3. Hi I am pritty new to Factory Talk, Our Priamary Server went down hard and I am trying to restore it. I Have a new server with Win 2k3 R2 installed and updated, I have installed all the Factory talk software. The questions I am not sure about is the following 1. How do I restore the high availability connection with the backup server 2. How do I restore all the project files etc. 3. I have an OPC connection to a PI database that also needs to be installed any advice on this? Thank you for any help
  4. I may be interested what are you asking?
  5. Some guidance needed

    Actually I believe that if everything you use is CSA approved and you follow the Local Code you dont need CSA certification, Unless perhaps if you are making the panels for a machine IE a oven that will be sold in canada and then the whole machine needs to be CSA certifyed. If you are making a one off panel as long as the panel and everything in it are CSA approved you dont need to get it recertifyed. I may be wrong but that is the way my company works and they are by the books...
  6. Inexpensive SCADA

    Indusoft also has some inexpencive options....
  7. Some guidance needed

    good catch, I almost forgot that some PLC come that way - so used to using Omron - And device net...
  8. Some guidance needed

    Personally I always try to keep everything horizontal due to the fact that I also always bring my cables in at the bottom and that it ends up being easyer to change things after the fact. I have attached a rough drawing I did not do any measurements on it but this will keep everything neat and will probably allow you to add more into it later layout.pdf
  9. CX Server Lite and VB

    Ok I finaly broke down and bought the software I am now playing around with it and I cant seem to figure out how to get the display ocx to show a decimal place. In the plc I am scaling the Input to 0-2000 (0-200°C) and would like to get the display to show 0.0-200.0°C. I know that I can do it just by reading the value in and dividing by 10 but I would like to use the control that came with the software.
  10. I have been asked to put together a few nema 7 start stop enclosures. does anyone know a company in North america makes them.
  11. PC to NT21st121b and CJM1 to nt21st121b

    Ok so I am in transmitt mode Thanks ... I also forgot to mention that this is a brand new nt21. Is there a difference between port a and b. I still cant seem to connect I am using a usb to rs232 cable as my laptop doesnt have any frikkken serial ports. I will try a real one today when I get home. ps the rs232 connector that i am using does work with omron plc's, I am trying to connect using cable cn210. is that correct. Thanks..
  12. Ok this is my first time with a NT touch Screen I am using the NT Support Tool 4.7 1. I am looking for the cable pin out for both of the setups mentioned in the title just the cable # would be great, I just want to make sure its not the cable. 2. AAAAGggggg cant seem to connect to the NT screen.. I have tryed everything..... well I guess not everything because I am obviously missing something. do I have to do anything on the touch screen in order to download a program... Please and thank you ..
  13. Hi just wondering if anyone here works in a company who has ~>1500 employees and knows who their IT department reports to. thanks in advance
  14. Reliability of DRT1 com

    hmm I know that some "water" process solution got into one of our panels and killed 2 of them but that was maybe 3 months ago.... maybe it didnt completely fry the other 2 that died in the last couple of weeks...