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  1. 24 Rc0 SIEMENS LOGO

    dear mr wayneplc ! i hope the attached file (which is in pdf) will help you to know that, how to deal with the analouge. regards sohail logo_analog.pdf
  2. Parallel Outputting off a Logo

    you can do that as mr CROSSBOW said but be careful of starting torqe load and you have to get the induvidual O/L outputs for fault indication and the other N/O contact you can use to halt the system for safty perpus.there is no networking in logo but you can share the instructions by peralel connections to logo inputs. i think it will help you regards sohail
  3. Can't get inputs to work on CPU224XP

    please check the instructions ,you are writing in ladder i think you are using the inverter between the E(I) 0.0 and A(Q)0.0 otherwise there seems no problum to happen so. E(eingabe)used for inputs which is I in english & A(ausgabe) as output which is Q in english. and these terms are used in SIEMENS simatic software. regards sohail
  4. LOGO

    as i know there is analogue analizing in logo v5 but it cant display it on lcd,but if you are looking for a analouge signal analizer then please check the main catalouge of texmate inc (fb101) that has 4 presets( for the control perpuse. i think this will help you . best regards sohail