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  1. CX-Supervisor and Windows 7

    I think yesterday on myomron was published official support for win7 (both 32 and 64 bit!) of cx-s 3.1: http://www.myomron.com/index.php?article=130&action=kb but still nothing on download page of my registered software.
  2. How to get a .cdm with the symbols of a .cxp

    Right click on the project name in cx-programmers workspace window (default name is NewProject), select properties and in a displayed dialog click new file if you want to create new cdm file, or select to choose existing cdm file. close the dialog. And then, when you create symbols there is an option Link the definition to the project's CX-Server file which you should check if you want the symbol to appear in cdm file. this is possible for global symbols only. you can use Excel to bulk edit this property if you have already created a lot of symbols. regards
  3. NS firmware 8.22

    I've just discovered my project is made for system version 8.22, but my ns8 v02 hardware is 8.0. can someone upload ns firmware 8.22? in download section i can see only 8.21 version. many thanx
  4. NS firmware 8.22

    very cool, many many thanx!
  5. CX-Server with problems!

    hmm very strange. i have never encoutered anything similar, but, with cx-s 1.25 and cx-server below version 2 i have had problems such as the cx-s point (input, 1 second refresh rate) was not refreshed but when point is renamed, cx-s recompiled, it works. regarding setting points to zero on startup, you should check your scripts if you're setting your text points to zero somewhere.
  6. PCS7 WinCC popup window

    I want to open a pop up in WinCC 7.0 (of PCS7) when a certain flag turns 1. but this shouldn't be a pop up as a window object on some base screen which can be open only when that base screen is opened and closed when the base screen close, it should open on whatever screen operator is. so, i defined a global script, which is triggered by a boolean flag, e.g. prod_completed, and in c-script I use SSMOpenTopFieldFixedSize command which basically opens a window objects @top10, @top11...@top20 on underlaying system screen @1001.pdl. ok it works on the server and the redundant server, but it's not working on two client machines. any solution? also, if anyone has a different way of opening a simple pop-up window, please, share with us.
  7. Opening .mdb files with Datalogviewer 2.0

    Yeah, well, i tried to export existing data log to csv and in that way you don't have an option to export milliseconds unless you check the option one file for each item. but, of course, it this second case the column for milliseconds is called Millisecs, which makes the mdb file created out of this csv not working. whey you rename it to Milliseconds, it works. god job again, tony!
  8. Opening .mdb files with Datalogviewer 2.0

    Man, you're a genius. thanx a lot, work here now. was getting out of my mind already.
  9. Opening .mdb files with Datalogviewer 2.0

    well, can you tell me please what's wrong with this database of mine? I put everything as in your database, and I can't open it. But your database I can open. Can you open mine? thanx Database1.rar
  10. maybe it is better to use PLCCommsFailed function, since this function checks whether there is a communication with plc. as i could have seen, plc must first be opened in order to check communication. if, for some reason, plc is turned off while starting cx-supervisor, plc wouldn't be opened, hence no communication will be established even when you turn on plc. you should then restart cx-supervisor. this all applies for cx-s 1.3 and cx-s 2.1 since i've tested it. so i use the following script (on 5 secs interval): PLC_Open = IsPLCOpen("CJ1M") IF PLC_Open THEN PLC_CommFailed=PLCCommsFailed("CJ1M") ELSE PLC_ReOpenTime = PLC_ReOpenTime+5 IF (PLC_ReOpenTime >= 60) THEN PLC_Open_Status = OpenPLC("CJ1M",PLC_Open) PLC_ReOpenTime = 0 ENDIF ENDIF this should every 60 secs try to open plc if not open (that is in the case plc was off when cx-s started - assummed that the Open Device is checked in Setup Devices dialogue). and now you can use PLC_CommFailed point to indicate communication status. Also, on the Initialisation script of cx-s you put PLC_CommFailed = 1 which will be set to 0 if everything is ok after 5 secs when the above script is run.
  11. Opening .mdb files with Datalogviewer 2.0

    can you upload a mdb database which can be opened by datalog 2.0? I am playing here and can not open any mdb. thanx
  12. Using CX-Supervisor as client server

    well, yes. you should follow the cx-supervisor user manual chapter 15 and appendix A. one thing though, not in manual is that the windows users on all machines i.e. on all clients and server should have the same username and password. otherwise it's not working, as from my experience. you can put different names (not usernames) for users which is what is displayed on the windows logon screen - if specified.
  13. Network advice

    I agree you should go with distributed I/O, couldn't say devicenet or componet but i worked only with devicenet so far. this way you have all process information in the one plc (no need to write some communication with cp1), and you can attach this cj to the ethernet and then you can have several ns devices on the ethernet (i understood you wanted several ns panels). also, later you can connect SCADA on the existing ethernet network.
  14. Receiving data from RS-485

    well, from my experience, before writing messages in cx-protocol try to communicate with your device from pc using simple terminal program. it is very often that message specs in device's manual are not true. When you communicate using pc successfuly just transfer it to cx-protocol.
  15. CXP 8.2 Crash

    i just get the message cannot find the C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-One\CX-Programmer\PLCRefC.chm Help file. Check to see that the file exists on your hard disk. If it doesn't, you need to reinstall it. not sure what to reinstall, file or cx-programmer.
  16. Receiving data from RS-485

    I wrote a few simple messages for E5CN even there is a protocol already in cx-protocol for E5CN. I read status, PV, SV and write SV and commands RUN and STOP. you use then pmcr in ladder to send these communication sequences but remember, only one pmcr at a time i.e. send pmcr, wait for pmcr execution flag to become zero then send another pmcr etc. Regards E5CN.zip
  17. DTR signal on SCU41

    well, i think this is the problem, voltage level of DTR. from PC is 12V which is actually a standard for RS232, but from usb to serial converter it is 5V which, of course, makes sense since on the usb there is only 5V. we tried with some usb to serial converter with its own power supply, we got 7V (would this had worked i would have used cx-supervisor to issue commands to extech and then to write to plc). um, any serial device should be compatible with lower voltages that 12V, but not the extech. any recommendation for some voltage level adjuster (don't know how to call it) which would be connected on one side to scu port2 and on the other side to extech providing it with 12V on DTR? in this electrical cabinet i already have omron 220VAC/12VDC power supply.
  18. DTR signal on SCU41

    I have some EXTECH programmable power supply which I need to communicate to through RS232 port on CJ1W-SCU41. Now, the pinout of RS232 port on Extech is given only by connection to PC: Extech PC pin 2 ------ pin 2 RX pin 3 ------ pin 3 TX pin 4 ------ pin 4 DTR pin 5 ------ pin 5 GND so, I made a cable for connection to port 2 on SCU41 like: Extech SCU41 pin 2 ------ pin 3 RD pin 3 ------ pin 2 SD pin 4 ------ pin 8 DTR pin 5 ------ pin 9 SG When i send messages from terminal program in PC, it doesn't work until i enable the DTR in PC port setup (from terminal program). Messages are simple, ASCII, like: V?<CR> from terminal program, and the answer is also simple: V 40.000 00.000 CV Now, when I program that in protocol macro it doesn't work. in trace, i see it sends V?<CR> but the lines DTR and DSR are flat. Is there any way to turn on DTR on RS232 port on SCU41 like I did it on PC? also when send messages from PLC using PMCR function it sends error flag 1794.10 (so scu is unit 11). Anyone knows how can I set this DTR on SCU41 port2?
  19. DTR signal on SCU41

    Well, I employed some of my colleagues here. Here is what we found out: 1. on my toshiba tecra laptop i have one physical serial port. tried to send messages from terminal program no responds from extech. i tried that from virtual port, using usb to serial converter, no responds from extech. tried that with other laptops with usb to serial converter (they don't have physical) no responds from extech. 2. tried from a regular pc, extech replies. I've used the same cable, one got with extect (i.e. null modem cable). 3. then we start to measure voltage on signal cables. found out that voltage when connected to laptop's physical serial port is 8V between DTR and SG (4 and 5 pins). when sending messages from regular pc the voltage is 12V. in the moment of sending, voltage briefly falls, since we have analogue voltmeter it is detected very shortly. any ideas?
  20. DTR signal on SCU41

    I've posted the protocol macro project (as zip didn't alow me to upload the psw) and cx-programmer (only the pmcr part). my colleague told that this is half-duplex altough i have read that RS232 is full duplex. so i tried both. also i have played with modem control of the communication sequence, still nothing. i have also e-mailed extech tech support, out of desperation. 1.pic is half duplex modem enabled 2. pic is full duplex modem enabled 3. pic is half duplex modem disabled and 4. pic is full duplex modem disabled. CommExtech.cxp CommExtech.zip
  21. DTR signal on SCU41

    well PMCR I did what you said, nothing happens. The settings of the RS232 port on Extech acording to manual are 9600, 8, 1, None, so I set up the SCU port that way. I played with CTS enable on port settings, no difference, also wiht full or half duplex, nothing (RS232 should be full duplex though). One thing i tried, since from terminal program Extech replies, i connected pc with scu41 port2 with regular programming cable i use for plc programming, to see what message pc's terminal program sends. i started trace in protocol macro and i saw that the message from terminal program has CR+LF (0D 0A) in the end although in manual there is only CR. so i have changed it, but nothing happens. on more thing. when extech recives message from terminal program it beeps even the DTR is disable but there is no reply. if i send some non-existent message it doesn't beep. When I send correct message from scu it doesn't beep. this leads me to conclude that wiring is wrong or correct message from protocol macro (simple as V?) is changed somehow. I am loosing ideas.
  22. DTR signal on SCU41

    you mean to wire the SCU41 RTS to DTR on Extech? Will try it, but what is the meaning of the DTR pin8 on the SCU41 port2? thanx for the response, i will try it tomorrow morning. Edit: well, the fact is i don't know where is DTR on Extech. I don't have pinout, in manual only the scheme from my first post is given. looking at status bits in word n+17 (in my case it is CIO 1792, you can see in manual) bit 7 is DTR signal is High. when i trigger the pmcr this bit turns ON and after exec flag turns off it turns off tool. but the bit 3 - RTS signal High remains 1. i tried to use message in protocol macro with open command, then this bit 7 remains 1 allways. I am not sure what to do more.
  23. OMRON cpm2a and WINCC

    ...and what about driver for WinCC to connect CJ1/CS1/CJ2 ? is there any? i see in pcs7 there is driver for allen bradley.
  24. Vista support for NS-Runtime

    thank you PdL, it is clear to me now. is there a place one can download ns-runtime? i've searched omron download section both for registered software and free sofrware, no ns runtime. did you commisioned ns-runtime already somewhere?
  25. Vista support for NS-Runtime

    so, where the ns-runtime can be downloaded? i think i don't fully understand this software. there is an option in cx-designer, among other ns devices, ns-runtime? what is that? when you create application with this option, where do download it? to pc or ns? i suppose that simulation with connection to plc is not an option for running in factory.