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  1. Cj1m_cpu11_etn

    you can access plc's web server from your browser when you type plc's ip address into the web browser's address bar, e.g., where the is IP address defined in ehternet unit's setup page. this is possible for eth units with V1 and above i think. this is the way to access unit's web server, but there is no way to access PLC from CX-Programmer over the internet, i think. you can send mail with some PLC commands in the subject line.
  2. CX-Supervisor runtime host connection change

    if i understood previous posts there is no other way than to connect CX-Supervisor and PLC than 1-1. only, if the office ethernet has the IP from the same group as one defined in PLC and SCADA project only then they can plug PLC and laptop with CX-Supervisor runtime to the office ethernet switch? correct me if i'm wrong? thanx.

    ask for the trial from Omron, either cx-programmer 5 or cx-one which includes cx-programmer 6.
  4. NS-10 communication

    i had the similar problem with NS10. two years ago i downloaded the application made in NS-Designer v5. that was thgough the fins gateway since cx-server didn't have the driver for NS in those days. few months before i made an update for that application in NS-Designer 6.0 which uses cx-server. the application was still in version 5. NS freezes after the connection is established. since that was on the site during the production i had to think fast so I uninstalled ns-designer 6.0 and installed v5 and successfully downloaded the program. don't know the reason. the same thing happend later too, with the same application. i've overcome the problem by using the CF card. using the utility came with NS-Designer (all versions, since v2 i think) i've downloaded application to CF card put it into NS10, put DIP Switch 6 to on and using menus downloaded the application from CF card to the NS. all went well. since then all our laptops have a CF card and PCMCIA adapter for CF card. hope this helps
  5. SFC with cx programmer

    the latest cx-programmer 6.0 from cx-one doesn't support sfc, just ladder and instruction list for program and structured text for function blocks. i saw on the omron site, that you can register a software called sfc programmer but i didn't find any other proof that omron supports sfc, unfortunately. hope this helps.
  6. NT600M

    why downloading tables and screens separate? download whole application at once.
  7. SCU41 and Aalborg DFC air flow valve RS485

    It's ok, i solved it. I connected to DFC throgh terminal program from laptop (using OMRON K3SC converter) and I saw what the valve's response is. If anyone is interested it's like: !11,ATSI,0.002311,0.340033,0.2344450 if the autotuning is in progress or !11,ATSD,0.002311,0.340033,0.2344450 if the autotuning is over. the parameters are Kp,Ki,Kd
  8. Does anyone have the communication trace or somehing similar where I can see the what is the response message from air flow regulating valve Aalborg DFC26S-BBDN5-C5A? I have CJ1M-CPU11-ETN21 (built-in ethernet) with SCU41 modul with RS485 port. I have to communicate with DFC via RS485 intervace. It's all working (i use cx-protocol 1.6 from cx-one) but I have till tomorrow to write one more message for DFC: one that puts it to the autotuning. in manual there is: command AT for autotuning (actual message i wrote is: <h>+<a>+",AT,"+$(R(DM 00200),4)+"."+$(R(DM 00205),2)+<t> this puts DFC in autotuning for desired flow written in D200 and D205 (for example 80.2% of full scale) the response is similar. THIS IS OK. I need the status of autotuning proces. the command is S (Status) and response is ATSI<Kp,Ki,Kd> (if the autotuning is In progress) ATSD<Kp,Ki,Kd> (done) I need to know whether these PID constants Kp,Ki,Kd have decimal places? i dont have machine here so I can test it. may be someone already have this protocol. sorry if this is too detailed problem, but i need the solution. thanks in advance
  9. SCU41 and Aalborg DFC air flow valve RS485

    just to corect this, i don't have machine here so I can NOT test this. any help please!
  10. CX-Supervisor logging on event

    It works! Thanks again.
  11. CX-Supervisor logging on event

    I've made an application with CX-Supervisor 1.25 that controls and monitors several valves, pumps etc. A customer need is to log all parameters (integer and bits) of a particular automatic program. He wants to start logging when program start (when he press start in SCADA) and to stop logging when automation sequence is ended (an event in PLC read by SCADA). That is OK, i have StartLogging and StopLogging commands from the script. But customer wants ONE log file for one automatic program (chosen from a reciept). it can last several seconds or few hours. Data logging create a log file every hour (full hour, 13, 14, 15), day (00:00 to 00:00) or month. if my programs lasts for e.g. five minutes, if the next program is started within the full hour, it will be logged in the same log file. How can I avoid that? i made a *.csv file with the name like programname_date_time.csv with all necessary fields and it's ok, created, started logging and stoped when i want to, but the problem is that customer wants visual representation of the data in csv but without any additional software like excel. again, i tried with trend graph, it has all i need, start, stop commands and visual representation, but commands like EditGraph, SaveGraph, Snapshot etc. that i need for exporting data don't work. The Script Manual says it's obsolete feature and Data Logging should be used instead. How can i log data in a file that i control and have visual representation of the data in the file? Many thanks if anyone has a solution.
  12. CX-Supervisor

    you can also use error code converter in error log window. you just copy and paste error code and you will get description.
  13. CX-Supervisor logging on event

    many thanks ECSI this should work. didn't try it yet but it sounds perfect. many thanks again.