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  1. Fagor 8025 CNC with PLC 64

    Has anyone ever programmed a Fagor PLC 64 using a Fagor 8025 MK control and a PC running Fagor software? IF so, I am looking for how to do it.   Thanks in advance!!
  2. LM90 Windows 7

    Our Field support Technicians are receiving new laptop computers. They are all Windows 7 64 bit laptops. We have a bit of a dilemma.... We have changed to Siemens PLC's... so, the 90-30 PLC's are becoming few and far between. Our old laptops (Windows XP) had LM90 instaled on them and it worked out quite well... but not so much on the new ones... My question is.... Is there a version of LM90 that will work natively in 64 bit Windows 7, or will these all have to be upgraded to Proficy? There are about 40 laptops total... We do not want to set all of them up with a dual boot system and compatibility mode will not work (16bit vs. 64 bit)
  3. Timmay - My Birthday Video

    That is a quote from The Breakfast Club.......Principal Whatshisname The movies in the clip are Uncle Buck and 16 Candles...... Just thought I would chime in....... Anyway, happy belated TW!!
  4. Congratulations Crossbow!

    congrats crossbow!!!!
  5. cmoore73..... My name is Chip Moore......"cmoore" and "73" is used in amateur radio meaning "a friendly word between fellow operators" dating back to the old telegraph days where short and sweet was the name of the game. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator for 22 years. I earned my first license at the ripe old age of 10. so.... the full meaning is .... "a friendly word from chip moore"
  6. We are all in agreement that Chris is Chako and Chako Rules, but..... Why Chako????
  7. Thanks TW!!!! I was also told that a bucket of propwash will do the same thing!!
  8. I am in the marketo for a Bucket of Steam to clean my bearings in. I was told that if you soak old bearings in a bucket of steam overnight, they will be totally "old grease" free by morning!!! I am also in need of concrete welding rods for welding up all of the holes in our shop floor from machine mounting anchors.
  9. If this went on for long, it would become a case of Natural Selection at work!!! I glad that someone put an end to it. I just hopw that whoever buys it on E-Bay does not ust it for the same purpose. Although, it looks like it is being sold "as-is", meaning with the chair attached. The pictures do not encourage industrial use very well though!!!
  10. inexpensive PLC with free software

    HORNER APG makes an inexpensive PLC/Operator interface combo unit. The model number HE-XE102 has 12 DC inputs and 6 relay outputs and an operator interface all in one unit. According to the sales rep, it is expandable to 5000 I/O. The software is free to download.
  11. Hello :)

    Welcome!! I hope that you will find as fun and informative as I have! -Chip
  12. Nicknames from the world of PLC's

    Blister is the best!!!! SPARKY- Self Explanatory
  13. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous, healthy and successful New Year to all MrPLC Members!!! I have enjoyed becoming a member of MrPLC in 2006 and am looking forward to 2007!!! Keep up the good work, moderators!
  14. It seems that everyone is either being bought or sold these days. I just heard that on of our biggest suppliers here has been bought out by an even b igger supplier. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer......
  15. Wire terminating

    Me too. I prefer to use the Phoenix Contact wire ferrules on anything smaller that 22 AWG though.