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  1. CompactLogix Communication Path Configuration

    Ken, Thanks for the help! ...it works. ...not exactly what I had hoped for but got me to where I need to be and I can figure out the rest. What I have the CompactLogix talking to is a remote device we manufacture to use in place of remote I/O back in the days we used PLC5s and SLC5/05s. Our card will talk to DF1 ports and is pretty specific, Peer-to-Peer, PLC5 Type Read/Write. What I was hoping to do was to get the CompactLogix to send messages in the format we expect and I'd be good to go. Unfortunately for me, the CompactLogix doesn't offer this option and I must use the CIP choice which is close but not exactly the same. One thing I find interesting is that by doing a "Message Mapping" on the CompactLogix end, I can send from my card the same messages I sent to PLC5s and SLC5/05s and manipulate the Tags without problem. If only I could do the same thing in the other direction, my life would be much simplier. It would be great if I didn't need different versions of code on the remote end to talk to the CompactLogix and the PLC/SLCs. Again, thanks for the help -jc
  2. I'm having great difficulty trying to set the communication path for a MSG instruction. Processor = 1769-L32E This processor has onboard Ethernet IP + DF1 My issue is, I cannot figure out how to set the communication path for my MSG instruction. I've read gobs and gobs of AB literature and searched the forums and about all I can say is ...I need help! Any examples or descriptions I can find for DF1 (any rs-232 comms for that matter) always assume you're using a seperate module and I want to use the onboard comm port. I've done the LocalENB,2, and can get stuff out the Ethernet port but how in the world can I direct the communications out the com port? I know this port can receive because I can send to the port and manipulate tag values. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you