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  1. Ground the 24VDC Power Supply Common?

    What about when you have both in the same cabinet? We've had issues where level switches would not act right until the power supply was grounded, plus we had analog signals being fed off the same power supply. Also we have had problems with noise on analog signals and would cause Horner RTD modules on a GE PLC to either go out or keep getting "loss of I/O" faults. On this case we had to isolate the ground buss that the shields and power supply ground were going to from the equipment ground.
  2. We use a two part epoxy called Loctite 330.
  3. Programming Advice

    They're all cutler hammer advantage starters. We are probaly gonna set the undervoltage relay to pickup just before the threshold of the coil on the starters to sort of "predict" a bower blip.
  4. You da man Crossbow, that fixed it.
  5. Programming Advice

    Makes since, the other problem i think i may have is determing if the motor was stopped intentionally or was it stopped because of undervoltage. I'm thinking i am gonna have to use a timer for each motor, if i get a stop and dont get an undervoltage within a certain amount of time, then its a planned stop else it was an undervoltage stop and go ahead restart once power is back.
  6. Trying to open a project for a customer who has a burnt input on his analog card and keep getting this message when trying to open.
  7. Programming Advice

    Have a project using a CPU-226 thats starts groups of motors after a power blip. I am wanting to start groups of motors in categories after loss of power to the MCC. The 226 has a run input and start output for each motor, as well as an undervoltage input for loss of power. The plc is being powered by a UPS. I am looking for ideas as to how to "capture" motors running before the power blip so they can be started after powered is restored.
  8. Rack Faulting

    Think we may have found the problem, possible loose profibus connection. Went take one of the profibus cables off the connector and one wire pop out real easily, reterminated all the cables and so far no problems.
  9. Rack Faulting

    Thanks for the reply Jesper. I think the Profibus network is pretty much like the Step7 project shows but i will double check. I'll try and get a drawing of how the profibus is actually wired. Theres actually a repeater where there used to be a display. They took the display out and coiled up the repeater in the ceiling. Again thanks for the help.
  10. Rack Faulting

    Have the system described in the attachment, basicilly a CPU 416 talking to 5 racks via Profibus and ET200M. Problem they're having is a couple of the racks are dropping and faulting and they're having to reset to whole system to get everything back up. It also may take 2 or 3 trys to bring it back up, and they're having to do this a couple times a week. Have checked and tighten all connections on all the cabling and wiring and have not been able to notice any out of the ordinary. Any ideas or other test to perform? C__Program_Files_Siemens_Step7_.pdf
  11. Excel & RsLinx

    It doesnt have to be live data it can be off by a couple of minutes or so.
  12. Excel & RsLinx

  13. Excel & RsLinx

    Have an excel spreadsheet pulling data from a SLC via RsLinx. Now I want multiple computers to see the same excel sheet without having to install RsLinx on all the other computers. Any Ideas?
  14. TSX Momentum

    Based on the scenario would you buy the software to try the other points are would you just replace a module?
  15. I've got two analog points that are not being read from wonderware, M400420 and M400423 these are the only two points on this particular card. All the other cards are being read fine, which leads me to beleive that the card is bad. I would like to move these two points to the next available channels to verify if the whole card is out or just these two channels. However I dont have the software for the plc to get the addressing for the next channels, would the next channels be M400426 & M400429? This job is for a local technical college and thier not wanting to spend money on software if they dont have to, the plc is on a small demo skid for teaching purposes. The card is Modicon 170 AAI 140 000, any help would be appreciated or even links to manuals on modicon addressing would be helpful.