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  1. wincc

  2. WinCC V6 coms to S7-200

    WinCC 6.0 don't support to connect directly S7 224 with PC. If you want, you can use OPC from SimaticNet or KepServerEx. Good luck!!
  3. Danfoss VLT5000 with Profibus

    I just used PLC S7 300 to connect with VLT5000 by profibus, but MELSEC didn't. You have to download GSD file on
  4. Fanuc PLC's

    what kind of PLC are u using ????
  5. Page Scrolling in WinCC

    You can't create Scroll in a Picture of WinCC.If your application is large, you can create many Picture and create connection among them by buttons/images.. and codes .
  6. tranferring between PLC and PC need adapter or not

    My PLC has a port 15pin on CPU. So, i can use your connection. Thank you!!!
  7. Everyone can tell me how to tranfer program to serie GE 90 - 30. Thank you very much!!! I have to need adapter or not.
  8. Profibus

    i recommend you install physical connection and set up parameter carefully . i hope you will be successful

    there are also MX4 Scada , Labview , Lookout
  10. PC HMI to PLC Communication

    If you have KepServerEX software , you can program HMI/Scada for most of common PLCs
  11. LINK Download GT softGOT and GT Works

    you want to have free software. its impossible
  12. Avery Weighscale 1020 & Profibus

    hi , tomchubb ! Before , you should check physical connection from WeighScale to S7 by profibus. I believe that it have LED to show your connection is correct . Then, you set up hardware and parameters correctly . I believe you'll be successful. You must add GSD file into Step 7.
  13. How to use real number in Simatic S7

    hi, everybody! i proposed this topic with the purpose that using real number on PLC is possible or not. Before, i had made " Automatic Weighing System " . I read analog signal from loadcell , converted into digital and operated caculation on integer. So , when spending caculating many times , error is larger and larger. Therfore , i wanted to use real number to able to reduce error in caculating process.
  14. Software To Upload S5 100 Program

    PG 2000 is used to edit program S5 or S7 , it is easy to use because it is able to install on windows.
  15. How to use real number in Simatic S7

    I tried to program on Step 7 5.3 , but when i monitored , it didn't show desired value ( correct number ). I just used simulator to monitor . I entered input value from M register , then convert it to real number ( used function Integer number to Float number).