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  1. NT620C

  2. NT620C

    perhaps anyone who knows where to find a datsheet/catalog for the NT620S?
  3. NT620C

    for a school project i'm working on a OMRON NT620S but i can't manage to get some stuff ont the screen i've been working with some smaller touchscreens in the past so i know that its important to set a control and notify area... my question; if i set PTNotify: DM10 and PTcontrol: DM15, would it be able to work then? if no, any suggestions on what area's to use? if yes, what could be the problem then?
  4. Value => # pulses

    after adapting your piece of software by adding some extra conditons that were needed for my program, it worked very well...
  5. Value => # pulses

    Worked like a Charm! thx!
  6. Value => # pulses

    hi, i'm having a value in HR08 on my C20K; i have to have a number of pulses, that matches the value in HR08. after the pulses are given, the HR value has to be resetted.. For example, suppose that HR08 = 4(decimal), than i want a contact that opens four times in a row. 0-->1 -->0-->1-->0-->1-->0-->1-->0. When the four pulses are given, the HR08 value has to reset, HR08 = 0(decimal) i've been trying all kinds of constructions with counters, compares, ... but none of them wreally worked well, one time the value didnt reset another time the pulses didnt stop, ... is there an easier way to do this than with counters etc?
  7. writing values from PT to PLC

    yep, indeed, the value was HEX <> DECIMAL, that's fixes now and the thumbweel works... even better than the numeral input! thx you all!
  8. writing values from PT to PLC

    thx, but i tried it with a thumbweel and the only thing that i got was an "*" in stead of the value that is in HR04
  9. writing values from PT to PLC

    kay, problem solved! thx for all the helping hands!
  10. writing values from PT to PLC

    owkay, i still have one major problem! how do i write the value typed in the numeral input into HR04 ? i know it must be something with the numeral table thingie but i cant figure it out
  11. writing values from PT to PLC

    allrightie, thx for the information i'm gonna try it ASAP!
  12. writing values from PT to PLC

    yep, indeed, word HR4
  13. writing values from PT to PLC

    i'm using HR00.04, the PLC is in Monitor mode, i'm using a numeral input and still, i can only change the numeral display that is displayed with the numeral input but it doen't changes the value in the PLC when i'm changing to another view and then return to the screen with the numeral input, the display is again given the actual value from the HR, but thats very normal i guess... the fact that it doesnt changes the value in the plc isn't... do i have to use a confirm button or something for the chosen value? by the way; on the C20K you have HR00.00 till HR09.15, no?
  14. writing values from PT to PLC

    im working on a project for school with a C20K PLC (with an C20P added) coupled with a NT20S touch screen. for the moment there's one thing that i'm not able to do and thats transfering a value from the PT int a HR- memory space in the PLC. I've searched a little bit on how to get an numeral display into action but the only thing that i'm able to do is show the value of the HR memory space in the display thats provided with the numeral display, i can do that by adding a reference in the numeral table to that HR value... is a numeral display the best solution? if yes; how do i write the value i choose to the memory area? i dont wreally know how to even begin so all help wil be very much appreciated -----------------------------
  15. NT20S Control and Notify

    thank you all for your posts!! it finally works now i can begin programming and testing... might be that i'm posting in the near future with some other problems