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  1. Micrologix 1400 Delivery Problems

    We were told that they are having trouble with a chip supplier. These chips are used in many different products and AB is not on top of their list. I've had some instrumentation vendors having the same problem. My distributor told me they have a lot of ML1500 if that would fit the application.
  2. Ethernet Communication Setup

    I use an USB/Ethernet adapter to set up a separate network to communicate with PLCs. It is a cheap (less than $30) solution and you don't have to worry about any IT interference.
  3. FactoryTalk View Studio

    I would try to create a new project with the same name; then copy the folders from the old hard drive to the new drive replacing the newly created project folders.
  4. Relay Logic Brain Teaser

    Check out this site.
  5. Try mapping the USB drive as a Network drive. Then use the original EVMOVE command. This has always worked for me in the past.
  6. 2D Allen Bradley drawings..

    I use the FLATTEN command in AutoCAD (version 2004)
  7. Scroll Bars in New KB at Rockwell Website?

    I have my widescreen turned vertically (1600 pixels). Th bottom half of the screen is a blank white page, and I have a vertical scroll bar. [No horizontal scroll bars]
  8. If you are using a SLC or MicroLogix processor; You could use a MVM [Masked Move].
  9. PanelView 1000c

    Use the "Map PLC/SLC messages... from Logic menu.
  10. Christmas 2006 Holiday Season

    As long as we're doing dog pictures... Our's used to LOVE christmas! (she is no longer with us)

    Have you been to Starbucks? Coffee was once FREE!
  12. rslogix

    Just map the Floppy as a network drive.
  13. Pulse input from flowmeter - How to?

    I use a ML1200 with the input filter set at 1ms. We normally have around 30-60 pulse/sec on most of our units. I have done some testing with a frequency generator and was able to read upto 9000 pulses/sec using an Event Input Interupt and a input filter of 25us.
  14. Pull-up resistor

    I think the manufacturer means to use a 10Kohm resister.