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  1. Tks Mike for fast answer,   I just plug in the drive to computer ( and a motor to the drive ), click Drive / AutoDetect it work then i expected to run "autotune" ( in case of failure, a wizard  may have request me to input "motor details" ) As you suggest : Not that simple.   So i try to reset the drive to factory default => Nop I set A017 to 1 => Nop i tought my motor was gone, so i check   Trick was to un-install CX-DRIVE from French and re-install in English so i can read full messages inside Popup box. like please set A001 to 3 and A002 to 3   Now the drive and the motor talk start and stop like expected   Motor OK, Drive OK, Cx-drive OK once hardware is good, real play can start        
  2. I have 3G3MX2 (used and factory reseted ) with CX-DRIVE ( new ) and a test motor almost new connected to MX2. Usb automatic detection work as MX2 drive is Online. i have no "failure message" all seem OK, but... autotune is still Grey.   is it a Failure, or did i miss a tricky "deep reset" ??   pse help.   [ Operating System ] Microsoft Home Premium Edition, 64-bit (build 9200) .NET CLR 4.0.30319.42000 [ CX-Drive ] Version Common Components version: Version de la base de données: 16.17 CX-Server Version :   5.0 French Europe mercredi 24 mai, 2023 09:16