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  1. Siemens TD200 alternatives?

    Beause Siemens TD200 has been discontinued,I still need to use some of the machinery.I nedd td200 alternatives.Can anyone tell me what the product can replace TD200?TD200 alternatives need not be Siemens brand, but you can replace the TD200 and the complete program without modification S7200PLC and need CE and UL. I found VIPA TD 03 Text Display but I'm not sure whether you can replace the TD200?
  2. I have a project about control tension.The system will use PLC control driver speed and feedback maybe use dancer or loadcell.I will use the PID function of the PLC.Because of the PID function that no auto tunning function,I worry that I get the PID value from manual will spent much time.So I look for a PID auto tunning software can running on PC and the software also can connect PLC with opc.It can analyze the output and feedback and calculate PID value.I will write the PID value to PLC. This is</SPAN> my needs </SPAN>all of the above. Anybody can provided about the name of the software?
  3. CS1G & NT31C-ST141-V2 problem

    I have some problem about PLC CS1G and HMI NT31C-ST141-V2 1.If the battery of CS1G is died,the plc program if kepp or lose? 2.Can I upload HMI(NT31C-ST141-V2) program to PC?If it can upload HMI program and what kind of the cable that i need to use? 3.What dose the function about the battery of HMI(NT31C-ST141-V2)?If the HMI battery is died the HMI program if kepp or lose ?
  4. S7300 PNDP Web2PLC login question

    When I go to customer page,but the siemens page will appear and log in ,we can go to customer page.Customer ask me,can we go to customer page direct and not appear siemens page so can we always log in? or auto log from plc program or html design?
  5. FM355-2 S

    I use FM355-2S module,When the DO is off ,I measure tht DO voltage.There is DC16V.When the DO is ON,I measure tht DO voltage.There is DC24V.But there is 16V output when DO is off,My contact always on.I have 3 FM355-2S ,The status of every FM355-2S is the same.Anyone can tell me how to solve the problem .....thx
  6. I download SIEMENS_I_DT_MC_SIMOTION_electric_P8_macros_2008_V1.0.zw1 from siemens web.My computer is set up version of EPLAN Electric P8 1.9 International...When I want to from eplan--> project-->Restore-->Basic project restore the file of SIEMENS_I_DT_MC_SIMOTION_electric_P8_macros_2008_V1.0.zw1,but it always can't restore..and show the message "No master data backup select" I don't know why? I try to setup the version of EPLAN Electric P8 1.9 International HF1 to another computer...and also it can't restore... Is there the version of eplan any problem?Any body can tell me how to restore the file..and Need I set up another vesion of eplan?
  7. Anybody can tell me how to display animation gif on winccflexible pc runtime?
  8. S7 Distributed Safety PROFIsafe address ?

    When I run S7-PLCSIM....the SM 326F, DI 24 can display 2000:CPU315-2 PN/DP automatically.But the SM 326F, DO 10 still display 1:CPU315-2 PN/DP ....why they are different?What should I do to SM 326F, DO 10 display 2000:CPU315-2 PN/DP?
  9. Hi... I have a project is S7 Distributed Safety .But when I configure hardware,I have a problem.My CPU315F PROFIsafe address is 2000.But when add DI and DO,my F_source_address of DI(6ES7 326-1KB01-0AB0) and DO(6ES7 326-2BF01-0AB0)can not change 2000:CPU 315F-2 automatically.I read the manual,the F_source_address can't edit and change 2000:CPU 315F-2 automatically.But now my My F_source_address of DI and DO still display 1:CPU 315F-2....Anybody can solve my problem ? Thank a lot..... My Step7 Version is V5.4 SP3 and S7 Distributed Safety Version is V5.4 SP1....
  10. Aisj71uc24-R4 RS485 problem?

    thx panic mode......... I paste my wiring diagram.I test still found the content of receive is the send data. Before,I have had the experience of use Danfoss INV connect A1SJ71UC24-R4.It's OK and I can not receive my send date,only receive INV respond date.But now I test ,I can receive device respond data,besides receive my send date.Can anybody tell me how to solve the problem?
  11. Aisj71uc24-R4 RS485 problem?

    Hi..Everybody...I have a question about Aisj71uc24-R4(RS422/485)...I want to use Aisj71uc24-R4 connect modbus device(RS485)...So I edit program CRC by myself...When I test communication, I found a problem. I use RS485 so the SDA,RDA short and SDB,RDB short and connect to modbus device DATA + and DATA-. But when send data,I found the content of receive is the send data.I also ad 330ohm resistance between SDA,RDA and SDB,RDB and the condition is the same.Can anybody tell me how to solve the problem?
  12. specification of servomotor?

    Thx a lot.....
  13. MP277 router function ?

    it's a long time.....why anybody reply? I add a picture.... Can anybody tell me?Is it possible to download program to cpu315 from PG/PC enthernet through HMI DP?
  14. MP277 router function ?

    Any body can tell me ...Is there the router function in mp277?....Can I download PLC program use MP277 ethernet ports through router to MPI or Profibus port to PLC...?