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  1. Endless Timer

    Also you can use a coil when the 5th timer is activated to have an interlock to m25 an reset the sequence, then an NC to cut the energy of the ladder
  2. Servo Amplifier

    I have the card here, how can I turn on the amplifier to run the servo?
  3. GOT 2000 Operator Authentication

    If you have different passwords levels the problem might be the security level of the screen, you need to mach the security level of the screen to the password level
  4. Servo Amplifier

    Hi guys I need some help using the amplifier MR-J4W2-44B, im trying to connect it to a FX5U but I dont know were to send the output for the pulses for the amplifier, and the diagram doesnt show any servo ignition or pls-sign as other amplifiers that I used before this one. Thanks for reeding
  5. Real Time Timer on FX5U

    Thanks a lot!  
  6. Voltage Measure

    Thanks both for the advices
  7. Voltage Measure

    Greetings!   How can I measure the current voltage of my 24V Battery using a FX5U, I need the PLC to turn on different outputs depending on how much charge is on the battery.
  8. Real Time Timer on FX5U

    Greetings! I need some help. I want my timers have the 1ms speed so have a real time second counter, but I cant find the option on the GXWorks3. It's for a FX5U
  9. Sistem Mark on FX5

    The connection is made by half duplex mode, but when using the command to recieve data the values are 0 and verify that the data is acord to the coils from the slave, so I was suspecting that maybe the data went to another memory
  10. Sistem Mark on FX5

    Hi, I have the next question How can I use the M8000, H8192, or D8092 on my ladder programm, I know this devices are system special by the device but I need them cause a Modbus command needs it
  11. RS485 Roboteq Motor Driver in FX5U-32MR

    Is there a way to verify the communication between the plc and the driver is ok?
  12. RS485 Roboteq Motor Driver in FX5U-32MR

    How should I connect those pins to the Fx5U? I reed the diagrams examples but I cant resemble them to the PLC pins of the 485
  13. RS485 Roboteq Motor Driver in FX5U-32MR

    https://www.roboteq.com/docman-list/motor-controllers-documents-and-files/documentation/datasheets/203-fbl23xx-datasheet/file That is the datasheet of the driver
  14. Greetings I'm new in RS-485 protocol and I need to communicate a motor driver from Roboteq which is "FBL2360" whit a FX5U-32MR.   I'm confused of how to get the proper connection and how to transfer data from the PLC to the driver
  15. Bro, your issue helps me solve mine, cause the photo of the buffer memory you upload thanks a lot!