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  1. 3g2c7-LK201

    Hi all I want to learn PLC ladder programming and managed to get an old c20-cpu074 Omron plc, took your advice & contacted local Omron dealer who generously gave me a copy of syswin3.4 but I don't have the "3g2c7-LK201" and the dealer has only one which he does not want to sell or lend of course. I am electronics eng and I am learning this just for the know-how. I think "hope" I can build or mimic on the pc this "host link unit" if I have enough info on it like" the protocol it uses, pin assignment, voltages, handshake used...datasheet etc. If I don't "can't" then I will buy a cheaper LG plc ..But I seem to like to start on Omron……help !!