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  1. Pseudo redundant system

    Thank you for your reply Inntele, We had already bought the Q system and sent the technical data sheets to the customer, so we can't change the PLC. But we ordered a second CPU, power supply and main base unit for the second PLC system. Now we have 2 identical Q PLC's. One output from de PLC1 is connected to the input of the PLC2 and one output of the PLC2 is connected to the input of the PLC1. If the PLC1 is master then all the outputs of the PLC2 are disabled, the modbus master is disabled (using the FB is easy to start/stop communication). Other problems would be: 1. GOT HMI: how configure (write the same value in the same address in PLC1 and PLC2) both PLC's. 2. GOT HMI: how to control the actuators from the right PLC (base screen) 3. PLC: How to enable/disable modbus slave from one PLC or the other. Anyway, the idea is that the system works... and easier than I expected.
  2. Pseudo redundant system

    Hi Inntele, Thanks a lot for your advices and expertise! Yes, this is the way we were thinking to do: inputs and outputs to be connected in parallel, and modbus modules from the second PLC not active. 1. About the redundancy, these are their condition: - the processor unit number: 2; processors operate redundantly. - switching active processor does not influence the communication path and does not cause switching between communication paths (one channel would be modbus slave). 2. I don't know how GOT 1455 could or should communicate with both CPU's. The setting should be done in both CPU's because when the second PLC takes control it should run with the same settings. Thank you!
  3. Pseudo redundant system

    Hello, Our customer asks for a PLC with redundant CPU. Because the process is not critical and from financial reasons we decided to came up with a Multi CPU system. We are thinking there are 3 possibilities: 1. Multi CPU system: 2 CPU. Double each I/O module, one module for each CPU. The disadvantage is that when a error occurs in the CPU no. 1, the error occurs in all other CPU modules and the multiple CPU system stops. So this system is not suitable. 2. Multi CPU system: 3 CPU. The same system. The second and the third CPU will be responsible with controlling the process. First CPU will be dummy CPU, no written logic. 3. Two separate CPU systems each with his own base unit. Here there should be some communication between the two CPU's and one digital output from PLC1 to be connected in one digital input of PLC2 and vice versa. The system has: 16 DI, 8 DO, 8 AI, one QJ71MB91 communication module and one QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module. Q03UDE CPU. One GOT 1455 - should communicate with both CPU's.   Has someone did this before? Or do you have some recommendation which system is simplest or more reliable? Thank you.
  4. visibility on 1020

      Scripts are not supported on GT 1020.
  5. FX3G Hardware configuration

    You can also use this tool to make your configuration: http://tools.mitsubishi-automation.com/fselection/ At System Overview you can see the addresses.
  6. Did somebody successfully converted a GX Works 2 Structured Project to GX Works 3? Looks like only Simple Project's can be converted. GX Works 3 v1.007H
  7. GX Work3

    Hello, I am working on a project on a FX5U PLC. First: this is a completely different programming environment. GX Works 2 and GX IEC Developer were similar, but this is way different. Cons: - if you work on FX5U PLC you don't have any support for libraries. You can only create your own FB's. The FB's can be used in another project by Copy/Paste. - I couldn't convert a FX3U project created in GX Works 2 (latest version) in FX5U project, even if the documentation states that this is possible. - some instructions have different syntax (eg: TO and FROM instructions) and you have to be careful when manually converting programs. - there are no Networks to divide the POU (like in GX Works 2 or GX IEC Developer). - no IL, MELSEC IL, SFC languages. Pro: - the new syntax of some instructions (eg: TO and FROM) is more intuitive. - the help documentation. Very easy to find the manual you need and to download it. Very easy to find a newer version of the manual. - the simple Ladder POU's and the structured Ladder/FBD POU's can be mixed in the same project. This was not possible in GX Works 2. These are just the first observations that come in my mind.
  8. CJ1M communication protocol

    Thank you! I've found this version: W342-E1-15.
  9. CJ1M communication protocol

    Hello, I am not familiar with the Omron PLC's. A PC is connected to the peripheral port of an CJ1M CPU12 PLC. The write command the PC is transmitting to the PLC looks like this (ASCII): "@00WD0070010055*." Can you tell me what kind of communication protocol it is using? It is a public or proprietary protocol? Thank you!
  10. iQ Works Q & A

    Hello, In the latest version of GX Works 2 it is not possible to use IL language any more. Why did they removed this programming language? I have a project that uses a library (from Mitsubishi) partially written in Melsec IL and now I can't open the project. What options do I have? Thank you!
  11. I have received the FX3G-EEPROM-32L memory cassette. After testing it, I can tell that the Read and Write functions (32L <-> PLC) are available only when the memory cassette and the PLC are not password protected. If one of them is password protected or if both are password protected (with the same password!), then the transfer will not occur. I will have to find another solution.
  12. Modbus TCP/IP Multimaster

    It is working fine. I use 2 FB's but I only one TCP Client. There is no one to connect to the other function.
  13. This is exactly what I intend to do. I will order one to test it. Thank you!
  14. Hello, Can a password protected PLC be updated with a help a memory cassette? The documentation states that it is not possible. But if the memory cassette is protected with the same keyword? Thank you.