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  1. TM2AMI4LT

    Thanks a lot! , This helps me forward! One problem resoved.  
  2. Hello; Need some information about the correct procedure of replacing an I/O TM2AMI4LT module. My problem: have 3 same modules TM2AMI4LT and I think someone changed their position. Now the system is showing multiple errors on HMI display. Therefore, machine stays on hold, safe lock.   What I like to know is; Do I need to upload the application of the system after I have replaced a I/O module ?   Second question: If I replace a I/O TM2AMI4LT module for a new one, does the system will function as before after startup, this without an upload?   Last question: Does an I/O TM2AMI4LT contains a “fixed” software address, once programmed?   Hope to read your advise soon.