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  1. Shifting data by bytes

    I am trying to load string data in some registers.  I am using the [ $MOV "20.job" R10700 } instruction. This moves the "2" into the first 8 bits of R10700 and the "0" into the next 8 bits of R10700.  The "." is then loaded into the first 8 bits of R10701 and the "j" is loaded into the next 8 bits of R10701.  So on and so on. I am needing the data to all shift 8 bits so that the first 8 bits of R10700 are empty and the rest follows. I tried the SFL instruction ... but it just removes the bits from the lowe byte. Any suggestions on how to fill my registers starting with the upper byte of a word or to shift all my bytes leaving the lower byte of the first word empty. Thanks,