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  1. reset encoder

    are you using a MD211? or a different card to capture the pulses ?
  2. NX CPU's want to communicate with 8 bites or more if you make them smaller they will error out with CJM cpu's omron has plenty manuals for setting up communication between these 2  
  3. NX1P2 connection with G9SP via Ethernet

    I think its a problem on how you stransmit the bits and store them . because for me if the connection is gone the high bits are gone  could you share how you get them? you could use a alive bit blinking 1s puls with a on delay timer of a few seconds if the timer does not reset the connection is gone. 
  4. Float Valve

    Writing code in CX programmer is very much dependant on the model PLC you are using. some plc's have more or less fuctions. i have code for digital open and close and with a current feed back . but. Im using a Mad 42 analoge card for de scaling . this is why code can be dependent on the type of card you are using   
  5. Need help desperately

    it could be a user rights thing are you trying to install it as administrator? or a compatiblity issue that you have to install as win7 or 10 compatible or anti virus software because its a EXE file .   
  6. Modbus PLC to PLC communication

    TRU or TCP? there is a ton of info on RTU or TCP with sysmac  for RTU  NX1P2 Modbus RTU Code and Write Up. - Tutorials and Quickstarts - Forums.MrPLC.com for tcp OMRON PLC with Modbus TCP/IP - Omron - Forums.MrPLC.com   the Mitsubushi has to be the slave a guide how to configure TCP Mitsubishi PLC As Modbus TCP Slave - YouTube files you need for Tcp FX5UC and TCP Modbus Communication - Mitsubishi - Forums.MrPLC.com hope it helps you to a good start  
  7. Replacing thumb wheel

    A little tip because I do not knoy why things break. If you have rough work envirorment or just people with out braincells working . I would stongly advise using the normal industial sping push buttons and use the HMI only as a display. Because at my place of work, we used to order like 20-40 HMI schreen replacements a year. so to tackle that , (because we work with idiots) we now use physical industrial buttons to change speed , start up machines to reset machine and use HMI only for display. 
  8. CX-Drive : autotune grey ( unavailable )

    IF you just plug in a drive to your computer and think you can program it its wrong , i am missing a lot of steps like change the vaule of  A17 to 1. could you be more precise what you did. Also you need to power cycle for sometimes for changes to take effect.   
  9. Change CJ2M-CPU33 IP address with CMND instruction

    SYSMAC CS and CJ Series EtherNet/IP Units OPERATION MANUAL (omron.eu) Chapter 4 explains a lot about the memory adresses for networking.
  10. Tracking Containers

    first things first you should use PULS contacts diff up or diff down if you want to move data , you do not want to keep moving data every program cycle you want it 1 time. picture gives you a a simple idea of how you do that right click a contact and make it a 1 time cycle puls with dif up or diff down. Second a move fuction does NOT move your data, it makes a copy of your data and does not erase the data in the original adress. So after you move the data. The data will still be there in the original location so you need to erase the memory adres after you move it. This might be why you have ghost data. So you copy your data and after that you move 0 to the previeus adress. if you move stuff around sometimes sensors flikker on/off  . for data you should take account for that in your program, like with a off delay timer or with a set/reset or keep where you only release  status changes when movement is wanted to the next track and the item hits the next position sensor only then data status can be changed .. if there is room for that in your system. else i would use a off delay timer. and put in backup timmer that if movement is wanted but does not complete in the desired time . you stop the system and ask for assistance. All this moving can be done automaticly by the way,  with the WSFT function if your PLC supports it . WSFT is a sliding register you give your source, first destiantion and the last destination memory adress in and with every true puls it will shift all the words to the next memory adres. For you it saves a lot of code  good luck     
  11. CPU Lot No

    I have looked but can not find a adress for them but you can check it with CX programmer  go online with the PLC then open PLC IO right click the CPU  you get a menu , then select Unit Manufacturing information and there is the lot number . you can also see it on the sticker on the side of the CPU but its kind a hard to see if its installed .  be warned the manual states before 2003 models support can be non existend on some CPU models  
  12. ST guide book

    SYSMAC CX-Programmer Ver. 9._ Operation Manual Function Blocks/Structures Text (omron.eu) Becarfull not all plc support stucture text. And some older model have limitations in what you can and what you can not do. so always check if instructions you want to use are compatible with your PLC model. 
  13. Omron Analog with negative number

    First question what card are you using? There are many different cards. A MAD42 is a good example all this stuff you can set it up in PLC IO window just click the card and you set it in the parameters of the card. no need for math. But if you have a AD041 you F* have to do all that math your self but it has faster timings. For my proces speed and resolution its not that important (oven slow clyce time is oke)  but if you are using is as a speed reffence then it is very important to have a fast card. 
  14. Sysmac Studio and CX-Programmer HMI simulation

    I work with CX and sysmac studio, we just use the NB series HMI pannels from Omron. They work great with CX programmer series PLCs  (and the NX  series as long if you configure sysmac studio right!). These pannels use NB designer program from Omron, and they have a simulation that works with CX programmer PLC's     I have no clue about how to configure a Hmi in sysmac studio but, I do have NX plc's connected to a Omron NB HMI pannel . CX programmer uses D and W numbers you have to enable that in sysmac studio under IO map memory settings, you wil have to mark the boxes see the pictures. Then in your global variable table you have to assign the W and D numbers to your tags look at WDnumbers picture. under the AT tab, you wil see %W/D and a number . with this you assing a W or D number to a tag . under network publish tag you will have to define it as a input output or publish . I do not know if this information helps . But if you want to just do a simulation I strongly advise to go with NB designer it makes every thing a lot easyer especialy for a beginner.    *did some minor tweaks and spell corrections     
  15. cx-programmer doesn't print trailing segments

    how long are your rungs /networks? For me if i have very very long networks , i have to split them up in to smaller sections and then there are no problems. with page setup un der print you can see what will be printed.