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  1. Q plc keyword

    Anybody know how to crack the keyword of a Q cpu ??
  2. Mitsubishi Q plc - Internet

    Use "GX Remoteservice-I Ver 2" with Google Or try to visit japan melfans web
  3. Mitsubishi Q plc - Internet

    thank you for your interesting I have found an old copy of Gx Remote Service. Seems a tools that provides a connection like this (PC with GX Remote Service)-----internet-----(Remote pc)----(PLC) the only thing i don't like of this configuration is that i must use Remote PC for connection. ........ I'm investigating
  4. Mitsubishi Q plc - Internet

    That's right but i've seen in the Mitsubishi internet site, GX Remote Service-I , version1 and version 2 package. Seems something that provides tools for internet programming .... ( .... i never used it Do you know something about it? Max
  5. Mitsubishi Q plc - Internet

    Anybody have expereance of plc programming by internet connections? For example: Q plc system with QJ71E71.. ethernt card connected in the factory network I had just one expereance using GX developer and a VPN connection Max
  6. Global PLC market share

    I think is not necessary to buy a report. In US Allen Bradley, In Europo Siemens, In Japan Mitsubishi bye Max
  7. FX2N-ProFace GP270

    Does someone have a diagram of connection cable between a ProFace GP270 terminal and Mitsubishi plc FX model / FX2N model? Connection is on program.port of plc. best regards Max
  8. Problem with anti virus software

    I never seen a problem like this. I used Norton antivirus, Etrust, and many more without problem. Which is the version of your GX developer?
  9. Convert GX IEC FBs to GX Developer

    Try to download on plc your IEC program, then upload it with GX Developer. So you can see a normal Ladder. But i inform you the result Ladder program uploaded will be not so easy to understund. I think it's the only way
  10. IEC GX develpoer

    Goto on I think there is possibiliy to order cd-demo of Melsoft, and/or to contact about specific IEC product
  11. Better to check again the label of the inverter. FR-SF.. may be an optional device, such noise filter, brake unit, or other.. Please confirm bye Max
  12. FX2N with Citect

    I have to develope an application with Citect Scada connected with FX2N plc. On plc program there is a lot of S relays. Anybody know if the driver of Citect can read S bits of plc? thanks Max
  13. A7GT-CNB

    looking for something about A7GT-CNB but i did not found anything. On Mitsubishi Melfans-web seems a lot of GOT devices (included A7GT__) are now completely out of production due to the new GOT1000 module. Which type of GOT you have connected? other way to connect without A7GT-CNB? Hi Max

    COM-ET-10 is an european product but it's out of product by Mitsubishi. But probabily is stil possible to find it. With this module you can develope application about plc-plc communication. I have an example of FX2N programs for plc-plc communication by com-et-10 modules. Mitsubishi inform about new firmware for FX2NC-ENET-ADP in the future that provide plc-plc communication. Actually is not possible. bye Max
  15. FX1N Ethernet

    I suppose your F940GOT is connected on the programming port of plc. To use ethernet you need FX2NC-ENET-ADP module and FX1N-CNV-BD adapter. The ethernet module is connected on the left side of plc by adapter. TCP/IP protocol is available and RJ45 connection. bye Max