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  1. Omron NA5-7W001

    @photovoltaic it works! I'm surprised because Movie File it theoretically opens mp4 files according to the manual. I just have one problem, trying to somehow copy the file from FTP to the objekt and open that object via script above. Because if I take a picture and then open it and display using the script, no more pictures get overwritten under this file name in the FTP location as long as I have that picture open on the Hmi in Media Player. But I think that maybe it can be solved somehow by software @photovoltaic Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Omron NA5-7W001

    Do you have any suggestion about the script? I've tried a lot of different commands in VB that I knew and none worked
  3. Omron NA5-7W001

    I'm wondering if there is any way to refer in Root's to path of photo which is located in FTP instead of from the windows location.
  4. Omron NA5-7W001

    @photovoltaic unfortunately, it probably won't work on this HMI panel. While trying to start the application, receives this error: "Error VisionWiewDemo.exe. TypeLoadException The version of the assembly System, Version-, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77a5C5619334E08 9 cannot be loaded by this version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework." In the Cognex manual, unfortunately Omron panels aren't in the list of items that VisionView supports. This is not the way to do it, unfortunately. I'm still trying to read .jpg from FTP but I haven't found a command with which to do that either, but probably on these panels it isn't possible    
  5. Omron NA5-7W001

    @BobLfoot interesting idea, but I noticed that the  VisionView is in .exe format and must be installed, I have no idea how to install it on HMI panel. Additionally, it takes up 500mb, unless You installed it on a Memory Card? Because if the applications could be successfully installed, it could be called later using VB Script Sub test StartApplication("\User\SysmacHMI\FTP\VisionView") End Sub
  6. Omron NA5-7W001

    I'm trying to solve this in another way, I save the photo from the camera in FTP, now I'm just looking way to read it on the HMI. I don't know if it is possible to read it using a VB script, if I have the photo saved in FTP?
  7. Good Morning, I have a question about Omron's hmi NA5. In project I have vision system Cognex InSight 7800 linked via Ethernet/IP with NJ501-1320. My question is, It is even possible to share last photo from came on Omron hmi?   Thanks, Kamil.
  8. Hello I have Omron NJ501-1320 and CJ1W-EIP21 on the same rack. I would like to use EtherNet/IP port in PLC to connected to the database with totally diferent IP. Port in CJ1W module I would like to connect with computer and go online or download software to plc and of coure connected with peripherals operating Ethernet/IP , but probably it isn't possible to upload a software via this module.
  9. Good Morning, I new in Omron and I have a question. I have PLC NJ501-1320 and Ethernet/IP module CJ1W-EIP21 in one rack. My question is: Can I connect with PLC via CJ1W module? Because I cannot go online when I connect to port in CJ. The same problem, when I plug cable to plc port, I cannot ping CJ module. I read manuals but I saw only configuration, when CJ module read data from another device. IP: PLC      CJ1W Thank's