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  1. Hello I have Omron NJ501-1320 and CJ1W-EIP21 on the same rack. I would like to use EtherNet/IP port in PLC to connected to the database with totally diferent IP. Port in CJ1W module I would like to connect with computer and go online or download software to plc and of coure connected with peripherals operating Ethernet/IP , but probably it isn't possible to upload a software via this module.
  2. Good Morning, I new in Omron and I have a question. I have PLC NJ501-1320 and Ethernet/IP module CJ1W-EIP21 in one rack. My question is: Can I connect with PLC via CJ1W module? Because I cannot go online when I connect to port in CJ. The same problem, when I plug cable to plc port, I cannot ping CJ module. I read manuals but I saw only configuration, when CJ module read data from another device. IP: PLC      CJ1W Thank's