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  1. Problem with PID controller in FX3U

    You got that right. Got this one almost by accident and tought it would suit well for this small project.Haven't worked that much with mitsubishi projects, but could this be that the clone model is not able use these library imported pid's somehow. Was it difficult to make one of the basic PID blocks to work that can be found in basic block listing? I think that will be my next try for solution in this case :)
  2. Problem with PID controller in FX3U

    Here is link to the project. Program is still rough and in the beginning. This was the version where pidfx_V100 library was used. But i think PID controller should still work without complaints, and without any complex programming.
  3. Hi, I have problem and hope if there is anyone who has same kind of problem, could tip me to the right direction. I have scrolled online for solution, but found nothing to solve this. Im makin heating/cooling control for radiator system. Basically temperature measurement that controls 0-10v valve. Pretty straight forward operation. Im having trouble getting PID control block to work on cpu. When in simulation mode PID works perfectly, but  when i download program to FX3u CPU, PID output stays at zero. No matter what values i give to PID, manipulated output is frozen. I attach some images that will show how its running. Tried few different PID's and results are the same. So im thinking there is some trick to the cpu to start executing this block. If you have some tips, i would be gratefull :).