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  1. Zelio Soft 2

    Just an update.  With some of your ideias and member Rualcosi great help, I was able to do it. Wish I could post the final result but the forum doesn't allow me. Thank you all for your help.  
  2. Zelio Soft 2

    My e-mail is The plc is a sr2b201bd, it allows FBD programming, my experience is with TM221c24t in wich i have the timer made, that was what i was triyng to send. However can't seem to transform it to zelio soft 2.  
  3. Zelio Soft 2

    Sorry the forum isn't allowing me to put a jpeg of my timer done with Ecostruxture for a TM221. Basically, a coi acceptor sends a pulse to an input, everytime it's received adds 66 seconds on an operation block, when another pulse is receive, adds another 66 seconds (at this point there's 138 seconds) When another input receives an signal, the timer starts, when it reaches zero it resets. Wish I could post it to get the idea, it's a timer for a self service car wash 50 cents gives you x amount of seconds through a pulse 1€ gives two pulses (x+x) 2€ four pulses (x+x+x+x).  
  4. Hi   New here.  Trying to create a cumulative timer with zelio soft 2 for a SR2B201BD So, whenever the plc receives a pulse (coming from a coin acceptor) it adds x amount of time, whenever receives a second pulse, adds x amount of time to the time left on the timer. This is a timer for a self serve car wash. Used to work with Ecostruxture Machine and a TM221, but do to a stock break on the supplier and time sensitive project was forced to change to a sr2.  Can't seem to make the transformation from my program on ecostruxtur to the zelio. Any help? Thank you