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  1. NJ501 SCU32/42 Modbus RTU

    Thanks a lot @photovoltaic I will try your solution 
  2. NJ501 SCU32/42 Modbus RTU

    Hi Thank you for replying, I really have no idea how to load the protocol with cx protocol. If it's not a bother, could you teach me how? This is my second time using Sysmac Studio. Can't sendcmd be used to send any serial command? I set my scu as serial gateway.
  3. Hi I need to get data from a modbus rtu device to Omron PLC NJ501. I am using SCU32 or SCU42 as serial gateway. I have tried using sendcmd function, but I am having problrm with the DstNetAdr Here's my setup Cpu NJ501 1400 ID262 OD263 AD041 V1 EIP21 SCU32 My sendcmd parameter DstNetAdr.NetNo:=USINT#0 DstNetAdr.NodeNo:=USINT#4 DstNetAdr.UnitNo:=BYTE#16#84 senddata array 02 03 00 6A 00 02 E4 24 Anyone has any idea on how to do it?