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  1. Communication between Codesys and Intouch

    I was able to establish the connection using KepServerEX. It can also be done using the InTouch OPC server.
  2. Codesys SoftPLC Profibus Connection

    Hello, I talked to Codesys, they said they only support Hilscher Card. How can I do this with a Hilscher card? Can you help me.?
  3. Hello guys, How can I output the I/Os by plugging the Hilscher Brand Card into the PCI input of the computer using Codesys as SoftPLC. Is something like this possible? I'm waiting for feedback from friends who have worked on this issue before. Can you help me?
  4. Hi, How can I communicate Codesys and Intouch. Can you help me.
  5. Hello everyone, I want to use my own computer as plc. I have a molex brand SST-PB3-PCU SST card. I will connect my I/O modules to the profibus adapter, then I will connect the adapter to the SST card. Can Codesys see this SST card and if so how do I make the connection. I can connect this type of connection in the InControl (an old software) program that I used before.  Please Help Me!! The Board I use to connect the I/Os to the computer: SST-PB3-PCU  Profibus Adapter to which I connect I/Os: 1794-APB | Allen Bradley PROFIBUS Adapter Module My I/O Modules: Allen Bradley 1794-IB16 and 1794-OB16 My OS: Win10 64 bit Codesys Version: CODESYS V3.5 SP18 Patch 3