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  1. I did try connecting an external 5V supply and  the screen seems to be fine. I am worried about connecting both the external PSU and the existing serial/psu cable at the same time. The external PSU and the internal PSU of the PLC don't have common ground. Would that be required?
  2. Thank you for your reply. It does seem that the PSU is failing. But the problem is that the PSU is built into the PLC. Do you know if is is replaceable, or whether it is possible to replace some capacitors on the PLC's PCB? 
  3. Hello and good day I have a Mitsubishi fx1n-14mr PLC controlling a band saw. The PLC is connected via a DB925 - MD8M cable to a Beijer/mitsubitshi E100 HMI for communications and as a power supply via RS-422. When powered on the display on the E100 panel fluctuating, i.e. the screen turns on and off repeatedly. If the main switch is then switched off, then on again the screens seems to stay on and the machine operates normally. The PLC has a built in AC/DC power supply and I suspect that is may be the problem. Is is possible to switch out the AC/DC module? To make sure that the E100 panel is not the problem I want to connect a 5V external supply to the port located on the back. Is it safe to have the RS-422 and the 5V external supply connected simultaneously?