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  1. MR-J2S- Servo Driver to PLC

    I did connect MR Configurator 151E to one,  but i only seen software version. No serial number.  I have also looked threw both of those PDFs and nothing about serial number.  I am able to communicate to it just cant find a way to ask it ... whats your SN#  
  2. MR-J2S- Servo Driver to PLC

    I have a test station to test MR-J2S Servo drivers,  I am looking for something unique in the drivers to be able to save data about that test.  First thought was the SN, but i am not seeing any way to pull serial number from the driver. Only found it on the side of driver and really don't want people having to type it in , cause usually they type in the wrong numbers.  Does anyone know of a way to get the serial number out of the driver? or at least where it could be found?  Or any other unique identifier in these drivers?  
  3. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    i removed the receive buffer (according to the manual its not needed, you only need the send)  and same thing it will now send back but its error data.. which is good that its talking now.   Thanks for the help! Glen  
  4. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    forgot to unplug ,  but now the peakhmi is sending and receiving  so that's good start!   Program i made is now also sending and receiving.  not exactly receiving what i want.. but ill take it lol.  i guess changeing the port to 5001 and 5002?  
  5. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    i get nothing returned with either. no error no gibberish nothing.  I can look in the Dianostic tool and it shows it received x data and it says it send 0 data.   so i know its making it to it... 
  6. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    I tried this but same issue. nothing returned looking threw wireshark    
  7. QJ71E71 UDP Communication Protocol

    Hello Mark,  i tried that and same thing,  it will send but never receives. The count for sending keeps going up but nothing is returned,  when i try to do the bits it will show that its keeps reconnecting and then timeing out , then reconnecting...ect..   Also if i have UDP setting , i cant select anything in the open system field. its just blank    
  8. Hello,  I am trying to communicate with a QJ71E71 , via a PC  I am using the melsoft protocol via a software called Delphi that i created.  As of now i am able to ping the E71 , but when i send data (loop test)  it does not send anything back.  I have started with a loopback test as it seemed easy enough.  i send this according to wireshark. but nothing in return.  Is there something i am missing?  do i need to have any ladder logic in the PLC to communicate via UDP?  Thanks 54001234000000FF03FF0000210010061900000005ABCDE Settings are as follows: Module 1 Network type : ethernet Start IO: 0020 network no, group no , station no : 1 status Online OPERATION SETTING are as follows ASCII Code, Always wait for OPEN, Enable Online Change is true.    for Open setting protocol : UDP fixed buffer : send fixed buffer communication : Procedure Exist Pairing : disable Confirmation : no confirm Host station port 4001 then my IP and Port is 1398  not sure if correct port? or if that matters?