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  1. I have a 140 NOE 771_01 ethernet module in a test rack. The following LED's are illuminated: Active, Ready, Run, Fault, 10 MB, Kernal, Appl. The CAT5 ethernet cable is NOT connected to anything. The optical cable is NOT connected to anything. According to the manual, if the Ready LED is on and the Kernal LED is on, it requires a new NOE exec download. This is the first time we have tried to test this module. We do not have the exec software and have not been able to locate it. Does anyone have, or know where to get it? Modicon has been no help at all since the module is a 'mature' item. Also, if we do get the software, what's the next step. Is it just a matter of connecting the CAT5 cable to our LAN or can we just connect the unit to a laptop running windows XP. The unit should configure it's own IP address, is that correct? Any help testing this unit would really be appreciated. thanks, CTG
  2. Panelmate 3000

    I have a Panelmate 3000 Power Series Operator Interface but no software. Is there anyway to back-door the password and clear the program? I've tried calling Eaton, but they don't return calls. thanks, CTG.
  3. Clearing Memory

    It's an EEPROM - No window. What we do is pull the EEPROM, perform a hard reset, cycle the power to the PLC, reinstall the EEPROM and power back up. The EEPROM reloads the program as expected. We've also left the EEPROM installed and cleared the PLC memory with a hard reset. Powered down and powered back up. The program remains. We've also cleared all the logic with the software, powered down and powered back up and the program remains. We're using FastTrack Software. Is there a memory protect switch I might not be aware of. Is there a separate 'clear EEPROM memory' function'? I'm not a Siemens guy. I'm more into AB stuff. thanks, CTG
  4. Clearing Memory

    Anyone know the procedure for clearing the memory on a 6ES5 375-0LC31 S5 memory module installed in a S115U CPU 943 thanks, CTG Email:
  5. Cannot Obtain Com Port

    Are you using PanelBuilder 32? It seems to me I had this problem with the 1400E software/firmware version a while back and was able to communicate with PB32. It might not be the root of your problem but it might let you communicate. CTG
  6. 1784 Ktk1

    I work for a surplus electronic company. We buy and sell this stuff. We can test 95% of what we sell, but once in a while we get this 'really old stuff' that's hard to test. thanks, CTG
  7. 1784 Ktk1

    Hi All- I have an old 1784 KTK1 card I need to test. Can I use RsLinx or do I have to use something older like APS? Does this card require it's own driver or is it just a matter of setting up the correct memory address? So far I've had no luck with 'Linx' thanks, GTG
  8. I have the above T/C module that reads 6 deg. high across the board versus a Beta Calibrator. Is there a cal procedure for this module? There are no pots that we can see for calibration. thanks, CTG
  9. B984-100

    KRK, Guess what! We got it working! Got the active light when I selected 884 for the interface. All the I/O points work. Found out we have to pull about 125 ma on the load side to get the fault light to go out. The only thing I see left to understand is can you read the data in the 780 data view? For example, I have logic running in the 100 that sees an input high and turns on the corresponding output. (Apply 24vdc to input one and output one turns on, etc. The register config for the 780 are 300001-300004 and 400001-400004. For some reason it adds an extra zero to the registers. In the 780 data table, the numbers are 30001-30004 and 40001-40004. It drops a zero. Thank you for your help. CTG
  10. B984-100

    Hi- I'm working on it now and will follow your suggestions. Do I configure the 984-780 traffic cop to see the 984-100 as you would any other module? Do you have to configure the 780 or 100 in any particular order when it's in the rack? Thank you for your help. I'll keep you posted. CTG
  11. B984-100

    Hi Sparky, The 984-100 is in a seven-slot 800 series rack in slot three. I was able to establish communication and configure it using ProWorx32. What I can't do is get the active light to come on. We've tried two modules. All we really want to do is test the module. By that I mean I want to be able to apply an input to the module and see it change in the data table. I also want to be able to turn the outputs on in the data table and see the LED's come on and apply a load. I was able to do that with some difficulty. Proworx32 seemed to bog down. I'm not sure what the issue is. It's a DEMO program. Ideally, I would like to insert some rungs of simple logic that, when an input is applied, the corresponding output would turn on. Do I program the 984-100 with this logic or does the logic exist in the 984-780 CPU? Or both? Also, I configured the 984-100 and the traffic cop came back with three inserted digital modules in the rack. I take it they emulate the input/output module configuration. I then configured the 984-780 to see the 984-100. When I go online I get the usual 'module unhealthy' status message and no active light. I feel we don''t fully understand how to set the configuration. Both 984-100 modules act the same. Any further instruction/documentation you may have would really be appreciated. thanks, CTG
  12. Does anyone have any instructions on how to operate the B984-100? It requires a B886 or B884 interface accoring to the ProWorx help menu. thanks, CTG
  13. Does anyone know what causes the following message to be displayed on 'Write'?: IEC ONLY CONTROLLERS NOT SUPOPORTED The CPU is a 113/03 The software is Proworx NXT V 2.20 We tried ProWorx32. When you do a 'write', the config comes back with "controller mismatch, cannot write" thanks, CTG
  14. MTA-G1

    Does anyone have or know where to obtain software to transfer files from one MTA-G1 to another MTA-G1? thansks, CTG

    Tried the usual <CLR> <MONTR> <CLR> and a whole bunch of other keystrokes. No good. Disconnected the battery for 30 minutes. Same issue. The cpu looks like it's waiting for a password. Is there any other way to clear a password? The unit will power up in the mode selected by the 'RUN-MONITOR-PROGRAM selecter switch but still say 'PASS WORD'. thanks, CTG