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  1. CX-Designer improvement requests

    Alarm messages include embedded point names , which is replaced at runtime with the value of the point: Example Boiler temp high: ((BoilerTemp)) shows the point value in the alarm message.
  2. CXsupervisor problem

    In DataLogViewer. OCX ( and "Language setting" does not work. It only at me? In DataLogViewer. OCX ( " Language setting " works.
  3. rs 485 wiring

  4. CX-Supervisor improvement requests

    Whether it is possible to add a variable in alarm message? Analogue - point in the alarm message in CX-Supervisor
  5. A timer for NS PT

    Use $SW14 (Current time (min, s))
  6. cx-supervisor control pid loop in LCB-01

    • Each function block is allocated 20 words. • The left column in each table gives the offset in words from the first word. Offsets +0 to +17 are analog data and offsets +18 and +19 are bit data. If block adress for PID block = 1 that EM0_00020... EM0_00039 for (LCB-> CPU) and EM0_15020... EM0_15039 for (CPU-> LCB). Where EM0_15038.00 for set Remote\Local and EM0_15038.01 for set Auto\Manual Remote\Local switch working valid only when ITEM 024 is 1 In CX-Supervisor create point:
  7. Two Ns And One Plc

    I have a set: 2 NS and one PLC CS. First NS connected to PLC through CLK. Second NS connected to PLC through RS-232. How read/write $B and $W between NS ?
  8. Smart Active Parts

    In SAP Time Ramp for LCB using: FINS(0,0,225,$W33152,8,1,0,11,$W33152,0); 0,0,225 - address LCB $W33152 - begin address command code 8 - number send byte 1 - 0 - 11 - number receive byte $W33152 - begin address for receive 0 - Help me please.
  9. Ntinstw.dll

    From NTST4.6E :
  10. Smart Active Parts

    In CX-Designer not working
  11. NS terminal

    Have connected NS12 through Ethernet port to a factory network. On the server the program (the design in CX-Supervisor) for data acquisition from the terminal is executed. All worked without problems. Something happened with the server. The server have restored. The server works, and the terminal has ceased to respond the program for data acquisition. Tried to reload both the server and the terminal, through CX-Net.exe opened the cdm-file and tried to open the terminal both through Ethernet and through Finsgateway in Network. Result one - connection failed. On ftp the terminal opens. There are any ideas? Sorry my bad english
  12. Manual CQM1 and CQM1H
  13. MCW151 and 3G3MV. Communication errors?

    Hi All! My set OMNUC+MCW151-> port RS-422( twisted pair cables)-> two 3G3MV. Servo and inverters in stop mode. Use programs from from folder Modbus (Mechatronics application center). Has a little changed. Speed 9600. Run RAMPS.BAS (priority 3) and save log in file modbus_test.log. Reading in a cycle 24 register, usually all it is normal. But sometimes (without law) the answer I do not receive, and 3G3MV shows communications error (U-15): - CRC error – always; - Parity error, Overrun error, Framing error - sometimes (without law). At speed of 19200 mistakes is more often. The project and log-file are in the attached file You could collect the stand and execute my project during 60 minutes?
  14. NS Designer Macro

    My variant: Using ON/OFF button with button Type "... changes according to the combination of display address 1 and 2"
  15. CPM2A/CP2C

    CJ1W-CIF11 In parallel on RS485 has connected PC. I see process of an exchange. Superfluous bytes are not present. For CPM2A & CJ1W-CIF11 has found out: than below speed (19200 - 2400) that appears the answer with "superfluous" byte in the beginning is more often