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  1. I need some help on how data from a CNC is getting shared with the PLC?  Its the CNC:I1:Input(Trasfer_BYTE0_Value),CNC:I1:Input(Trasfer_BYTE1_Value) CNC:I1:Input(Trasfer_BYTE2_Value) CNC:I1:Input(Trasfer_BYTE3_Value) thats confusing me Or is it PMC to PLC?   I can provide any additional information if needed. 
  2. Consumer Tag stuck on

    That worked Thank you!
  3. Hello, I am experiance a problem with a consumer tag staying stuck on. Producer and Consumer PLC are turned on. Information is getting transfered like it should. The Producer PLC gets powered off and the tag that is getting transfered over is ON before it gets powered down. When I check the tag in the Consumer PLC the consumer tag is still ON. Shouldnt the consumer tag go to the OFF state once the commincation has been lost?