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  1. HUSKY HMI Disaster Recovery

    Steve, I apreciate all your help. I found a PC with Logicmaster 9030 v9.05 and believe me, I'm trying to put the puzzle together because I know that HMI module runs MSDOS 6.22 as the operating system and that, on the other hand, a set of three diskettes must be generated to transfer the application to the HMI. I can't find any manual that tells me how to treat the .PK* files of each unit and how to transfer the application to the HMI if this unit, due to some event, fails the operating system. My responsibility is to document everything in the factory so that we have a quick response to any event regarding the HUSKY equipment and its operating system. Suppose the operating system on the HMI gets corrupted. Do you know any step-by-step procedure to reload the operating system and its applications back to the HMI? I am asking because you wrote "... in DOSBox under a 32-bit operating system and you don't need three 3.5" floppies." and just today I gave a team instruction to prepare a PC with DOSBox in order to have a HUSKY environment with each machine's set of files (.PK*) but I am blind for next steps because I don't know the work environment of this type of machine. Thanks
  2. HUSKY HMI Disaster Recovery

    Thanks for your answer Steve. I found Logicmaster 90-30 the folder for each machine ID. I have been checked the .PK* files on the backup directory but  my question is what happens if one of the set of diskettes is damaged. I don't know how to generate the diskettes images.
  3. HUSKY HMI Disaster Recovery

    Hello,  Recently I have been in charge of documenting and protecting software related to Injection Molding Systems equipment. We have several old-fashioned HUSKY machines with HMI based on MSDOS6.22. We use Logic Master for backup and restore purpose, but I have no clear how to recover from a disaster on HMI. We have grouped the .PKC, PKR and PKL files by machine ID and I don't know how to create  the 3 diskettes for each HMI. I Apologize if my inquire is off-topic on this forum branch but I will apreciate any help tha I can receive. Thanks in advanced