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  1. Hi everyone  Can anyone help me with this problem, please? I have an ABB robot whose axis are calibrated, lately, after a power shut down, I rebooted the robot and I found that all 6 axes have lost their calibration. I thought it was a battery problem so  I changed it with a new one. And I recalibrated the 6 axes. I shut down the robot and this time I found only one axis that lost its calibration, the other ones are ok. I don't know what to do, have you any idea about this problem?  thank you in advance 
  2. Hello everyone  I have a delta hmi dop100 connected to a siemens s7-1200 PLC. The problem that I have is that right after booting my hmi, it starts on my default screen but after some time it changes to the second screen without any button pressed. I don't know what triggers the screen change like that. can anyone help me please?