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  1. Gx Simulator3 and TCP modbus

    Hi Gambit, Yes, I setup FX5 to be a modbus server, its easy. But when I download to the Gx Simulator3 I cannot connect the FX5 using modbus. I supposed that the simulator doens't support modbus but I don't find any documentation on this.       
  2. Gx Simulator3 and TCP modbus

    Hi, I'm new to the Mitsubishi world, so may be anyone help me in a quick! I need to test a my client with the Mitsubishi MODBUS tcp.  To do this I would like to avoid use a real plc and use  the Gx Simulator3 that come with the Gx Works3. The question is: the Gx Simulator3 is capable to simulate a MODBUS tcp module? To be more specific I tried this: - created a project in  Gx Works3 with a FX5U CPU. - configured the FX5U built-in ethernet module with IP address of the hosting pc (also tried with no success). - activated and configured the MODBUS muster to the built-in ethernet module. - wrote a trivial ladder program with a 1 input and 1 coil. I can download and run the project on the Gx Simulator3 but I cannot connect to tcp port 502 that I supposed opened by the MODBUS muster functionality of the build-in ethernet module. Do anyone know if the Gx Simulator is able to simulate modbus tcp functionality?   Thanks in Advance Luciano.