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  1. Index registers

    Fantastic thats helped loads. BCD indirect addressing it is then! Thanks again.
  2. Index registers

    Hiya folks I’m having a few problems with index registers in CX programmer. I’m an Omron virgin and am more used to Mitsubishi! If I explain how I’m used to controlling index register in GX Developer maybe someone could help me translate this to cx programmer? Ok here goes: In Mitsi the index register offset is controlled by a Z (followed by number 0-7) so for example Z0. You can increment the Z with for example an input like so: Input 0 ---------------------------[inc Z0] Then you can move a data register value into another one as follows: ---------------------[Mov D0 D100Z0] The value of Z0 would be added onto D100 and the value stored in D100 + Z0 so for example if Z0 was 10 the value in D0 would be moved into D110. I hope this makes sense and if anyone could explain to me how I achieve this in CX I would be very greatful! The instructions in the manual just confused me. Thanks
  3. GT Works/Designer

    Thanks for all the help guys.. I cheated in the end with the alpha numeric keypad by creating it in duwin and sending the one screen in that way!! I'll definately be investing in GT designer 2 for future use!
  4. GT Works/Designer

    Ah i found this yesterday but it only gives me the extended functions if i use an a900 screen not the f940!! Crazy program.
  5. GT Works/Designer

    Thanks guys. I had an idea to download an old duwin program into the screen that had passcodes etc setup and then upload it back into gt designer. It worked. In duwin you used to put key code ff68 on a touch button to bring up the entry code keypad which is what gt designer wouldn't let me do. When I uploaded it key code ff68 stayed with the button and i was able to paste it into my current project. Phew! Have a new problem now though - I have some ascii input lines but when you press them to bring up the keypad a numeric keypad pops up not an alphanumeric - any ideas on this one?
  6. GT Works/Designer

    Is that gt designer 2 you have though? You see i have GT designer and there is no special function key option!
  7. GT Works/Designer

    I can set up the passwords no problem just not put a key in in order for the operator to actually enter the password to allow access to the protected screens which is really stoopid!! Spoke to mitsi this morning and aparently GT designer 2 is better and they dont have an answer. Helpful hey??
  8. GT Works/Designer

    They are not obsolete yet but mitsi have brought out the got 1000 which is better anyway. Anyway its too late now its due out tommorrow!! panic mode - i dont have that option in the menu.
  9. GT Works/Designer

    Hello all Just switched from using FXDUwin to gt designer to program up an f940 got hmi. I cant work out how to get up the password entry keypad. In fxduwin you just typed in ff68 in the key code and up it popped. But gt designer wont let me. Any ideas??
  10. Encoder resolution

    What is this then?
  11. Encoder resolution

    dang I thought that was coming! Thanks so much for all the help though everyone it was really great. Thanks for the word file too Sergei much appreciated. Phil
  12. Encoder resolution

    Probably easier just to tell you: A phase goes to X0 B to X1 Porgram is using m8000 -[ ]--------------------------------------------(C251 K1) Then x2 (ldp) -[ ]----------------------------------------------[set y1] Then just m8000 -[ ]--------------------------------------------[DHSCR D161 C251 y1]- Thats all it needs to do. Y1 starts an inverter to run a conveyor for the distance in D161. It works out that I get 1.36 pulses per mm which just isn't fine enough. The machine is built so changing things is not really an option at the moment. If you could help that would be great The encoder is a Baumer MDFK 08G2101 by the way with a 32 pole ring magnet.
  13. Encoder resolution

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately the kit is already in and installed. Just trying to get it working. So my main query is how to get actual counts from the 4 edges of the waveform if possible. I don't think it is by the sounds of things. At the moment I have 256 pulses per rev but I wanted to try and get 1024 or at least 512. It is a 2 channel encoder by the way.
  14. Encoder resolution

    Thanks for the reply. Do you have a slightly better description or example of how to do this? Thanks Phil
  15. Encoder resolution

    Hello all I currently have a FX1N PLC and a 256 pulse per rev 2 channel encoder. As it turns out 256 pulses is not accurate enough and I have been told by using quadrature decoding I can acheive 1024 pulses per rev. However I don't see how you can do this with the PLC. I was using C251 but this only counts the leading edge of each pulse. Anyone know of a way around this problem using the PLC? Thanks