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  1. Unable to read analog signal

    Hi Wasan   thanks for the reply    i tried 2 different modules   Module 1:- FX3U-4AD-ADP, It is connected on left hand side of plc   This Analog module is connected to expansion board bolted to mitsubishi plc   Expansion board:- FX3U-CNV-BD I am using a signal generator to generate 4-20mA signal Wiring  Connecting +Ve to V+ Bridging link between V+ and I+ Connecting Comm to -Ve   program attached   Second method was using FX2N 2AD, which connects on right hand side of the fx3u plc via ribbon cable,  Please find screen shots of plc attached to word file as attachment Hope to hear soon from you Best Regards,   Vib     MITSUBISHIPLCANALOGPROGRAMMING.docx MITSUBISHIPLCANALOGPROGRAMMING.docx
  2. Unable to read analog signal

    PLC:- FX3u-48MR Analog card:- Fx2n 2AD Signal source:- 4-20mA Signal generator Tried rd3A Command Tried TO & FROM Command PLC doesnot read the signal, yet no error, wired as per manual... Please suggest if anyone has answer to this problem?

    Hi  i purchased got1000 online from ebay   i want to start programming it, but its password protected   How can i factory reset and start from scratch