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  1. Automation Riddle

    We had a problem similer to this once. machine would intermitantly screw up as if out of time. turned out to be coupling on the encoder shaft was cracked but looked intact on quick visual inspection. by using indexed addressing to .10 sec. snapshots of the encoder count. and logged into a data table. when the machine screwed up again we checked the log. the encoder actually counted backwords for about a1/2 sec. before continuing forward count. took a closer look at the encoder and found the coupling was broken. the crack was barely visible. on occasion during operation it would slip and then catch again at the point it was broken.
  2. Just wanted to drop a line in, If anyone is interested in a job in the clearwater, Fla. area. My company is currently trying to fill 3 Mech/elec. tech positions. Drop me a PM if interested.
  3. Halloween 2005

    According to the news report, you say this is your last year??? Bummer Dude!