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  1. Sysmac studio not installing

    I had the Exact same issue. I needed a new version of Sysmac , downloaded it , it would not install on my Windows 7  64 bit machine. Converted my backup laptop to Windows 10  , tried to install , got the Direct X 11 Error message as above Ran dxDiag , the machine had Direct X 12 installed , it also has I core 7 Processors and an Nvidia card but the installer does not pick it up for some reason. Ran the direct x install that was included with the download , no luck The website mentions a 32 bit version but there is no link that I could find on the web site. Emailed for support   , no answer Called and actually got a human on the line relativley quickly. The problem seemed to stump him , I asked for the 32 bit version, first he did not know anything about it but finally remembered  there was a 32 bit version availible. Downloaded the 32 bit version and was able to install on my Windows 7 machine.   It think it is version 1.45 which thank goodness is good engough for what I need. The relief at getting this to work almost makes up for the 6-8 hours wasted downloading Windows 10 , converting a laptop ,trying to install , reasearching etc. Hope this info can help someone else.