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  1. Hello,   i am trying to get my connection between my 2 PLCs to work. (CP1H master -> CP2E-N slave). i had already read i need to jump my data areas from 3100 to 200.  Below you can see that the CP2E (right) is receiving the signal and CP1H(left) is not receiving the signal. Am i doing something wrong here. I tried changing the PC link unit number to 0 because i was i doubt where i should start counting.   Hope you guys can help me out here! 
  2. Yes i found that out now! I no longer use strings. Not exactly the function block functionality i had in mind but it compiles all good and well i'll use tomorrow for testing.   Thanks for all of your help!
  3. Hey it says "number-string conversion functions no" and since i'm turning WORDS into strings i am assuming that's what is going on. The TXD does require me to input a string.    is it possible to write and read into the D memory from FB? I googled but couldn't find this. Then it would be possible for me to do what i want (i would have less functionality in the fb which would be slightly annoying during programming but it's a concession i'd have to make)
  4. Hello. I am writing a function block and i am getting the following error: ERROR: STRING type or an Input Output variable is not supported by the PLC of this unit version. Check the unit version in program check options. When i try to remove the string i get error: instruction is not available for current plc Is there somewhere where i can see which instructions i can use? Or is it not the string or one of my in or outputs I am doing something wrong with?   Kind regards, Ralf  
  5. Hello, I am rather unexperienced with PLC's but have some experience. I Currently have 2 Lexium ILS1 motors which we want connected over RS485.  I have read a couple of manuals. I have found which format they want to receive their data and what the pinout of their pre assmbled cable is (which hasn't been delivered yet).  I am currently unsure about a couple of things. The wiring the formatting of my data i'm sending, and the program.   The pictured below show my motor (which runs when i connect it to the PC and run it using the software provided so it is in working order) and the PLC with option port (which i used to transmit data to another PLC, so again i can't blame the hardware for being at fault here). However when i connect the cable and try to communicated I Don't see the LED light up. I followed Lexiums guide on which pins to use. But i figured for good form i might include these pictures to be certain hardware is correct.      Finally here is my program. I followed Omrons quick start instructions. But: my send ready flags never become high and the way data has to be formatted for these lexiums seems very labour intensive. But this is how i understood it needed to be done. Am i doing something (or a lot) wrong here?      I hope someone can help me out here! If any further information is needed i'll do my best to provide it.   Kind regards.
  6. CP1H master - CP2E Slave NT-link

    thanks a lot this was exactly the manual and section i needed! I'm going to make a test setup and see if i can get this to work!
  7. CP1H master - CP2E Slave NT-link

    Currently i'm trying to use RS485. Mainly because some machines in the field have different PLCs. 
  8. Hello, I currently have a PLC in a machine that is a CP1H. A newly developed machine uses a CP2E PLC. The newly developed machine is supposed to communicate with the CP1H where the CP2E is a slave. I am not able to find much documentation on this specific set-up. I was wondering how to set this up. As the shared words of each PLC are on different adresses. I can't really find any documentation or any examples on how to do this. Can somebody help me with where to start with this?   kind regards, Ralf