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  1. Hello,   I am currently working on controlling schneider motors using an omron PLC. https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=User+guide&p_File_Name=ILS1B_ILS1F_ILS1R_manual_V200_logo-EN.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=0198441113574 https://www.se.com/us/en/download/document/ILx1R_RS485_manual_V201_EN/ Currently i am using RS485 to communicate. I can send messages and am actually receiving something back. I have also used the schneider program lexium CT. I can actually make my motor respond to inputs from its graphical interface.    Currently i am using this ladder diagram (and manually setting the outputs to high for testing purposes)  And this D memory. As you can see D100 is used to store the last received message from the slave.    The motor also has an LED to indicate if the motor is in power enabled mode. It does not go into power enabled mode, which is the first command i'm trying to send. I do not fully understand why the motor isn't responding and why my received data seems to indicate no errors. Does anyone here have any experience or can anyone spot what i am doing wrong here?       Kind regards, Ralf    
  2. Hello, I am rather unexperienced with PLC's but have some experience. I Currently have 2 Lexium ILS1 motors which we want connected over RS485.  I have read a couple of manuals. I have found which format they want to receive their data and what the pinout of their pre assmbled cable is (which hasn't been delivered yet).  I am currently unsure about a couple of things. The wiring the formatting of my data i'm sending, and the program.   The pictured below show my motor (which runs when i connect it to the PC and run it using the software provided so it is in working order) and the PLC with option port (which i used to transmit data to another PLC, so again i can't blame the hardware for being at fault here). However when i connect the cable and try to communicated I Don't see the LED light up. I followed Lexiums guide on which pins to use. But i figured for good form i might include these pictures to be certain hardware is correct.      Finally here is my program. I followed Omrons quick start instructions. But: my send ready flags never become high and the way data has to be formatted for these lexiums seems very labour intensive. But this is how i understood it needed to be done. Am i doing something (or a lot) wrong here?      I hope someone can help me out here! If any further information is needed i'll do my best to provide it.   Kind regards.
  3. CP1H master - CP2E Slave NT-link

    thanks a lot this was exactly the manual and section i needed! I'm going to make a test setup and see if i can get this to work!
  4. CP1H master - CP2E Slave NT-link

    Currently i'm trying to use RS485. Mainly because some machines in the field have different PLCs. 
  5. Hello, I currently have a PLC in a machine that is a CP1H. A newly developed machine uses a CP2E PLC. The newly developed machine is supposed to communicate with the CP1H where the CP2E is a slave. I am not able to find much documentation on this specific set-up. I was wondering how to set this up. As the shared words of each PLC are on different adresses. I can't really find any documentation or any examples on how to do this. Can somebody help me with where to start with this?   kind regards, Ralf