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    can some one post a cp1h pid controller exsampel. i hav trubels and i dont understand manual or the help page in cx-programmer 
  2. problems with CP1H analog input

    yes but i dont realy understand im trying to use 4-20    i have sett the dipswitch to on i have set the ad/da setings to 4-20 i have wiers the analog signal in and com on 1 and 2 on the built in analog inn but i dont get the 4-20 signal wen i use adress 200 in my program  
  3. problems with CP1H analog input

  4. problems with CP1H analog input

    i am new to cp1h and have problems with getting analogs signals inn from input 200
  5. readings from cx_programer to hmi

    hi im new to omron and ladder. im trying to get the mombers from a analog input to be shown on a hmi screean how is tis done? i have sett up the hmi screan and tested with making a button that acts like a start button but i cant get the numbers from the analog inn to show on my (nummber innput component) in nb_designer pliz help btw plc = cp1L-L14DR-A with a CP1W-AD041 analog module.
  6. what do i do with this?

    thank you IO_Rack  
  7. what do i do with this?

    how can i fix this?
  8. hmi for CP1L

    how to sett up cx programer settings to use hmi/nb5q-tw00b with a CP1L-L14DR-A? and what address do i use for I/O on the hmi?
  9. need help with programing a cp1w

    hi i am tryning to make a program that takes 4-20ma signals from a  pressure sensor and converting it to show ML on a hmi screan. im using a CP1L with a CP1W-Ad041. but i cant figurout how to set up the setings in cx programer correctly. any tips?