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  1. In the GE-IP world the PAC line of products is based on high end processors and lots od RAM. Most use Intel Chips same as many laptops with 5 - 20 Meg of RAM. This stands for Process Automation Controller and in geneeral terms marries the 'PC and the 'PLC' into one package.

  2. It sounds like your supplier gave you a price for the "LD PLC Professional", ask for Proficy Logic Developer PLC Standard instead. Get a demo DVD of Proficy ME from them too or call GEIP for one, it will run for 4 days after each install of the software. GE-IP can also give you a 30 day trial license, after you get the Demo DVD and install the software call them: Try this link: Or:
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  3. Purchase the License and GE-IP will give you a download link or contact your supplier for a Demo DVD:

  4. If you are correct in the "Red X" being "Logic Not Exual" and/or "Config not Equal" as the cause and that this is because the PLC was orignally loaded with an older programming package then yes the only fix is to "DownLoad" the Project into the CPU to make these "Equal". However any fault will cause the "Red X", doubl-click it to bring up the "Fault Tables" to see if others are present.

  5. If you are going to purchase software I highly recommend getting the latest which is Proficy Machine Edition LD Developer. It will cost around $1000 US (LM90 costs more) and the latest version will work with Windows 7 Pro 32 or 64 bit and later Windows OSs. It supports the IC693CPU331 back to Version 4.50 (around the mid 1990's). These can be upgraded for around $150 each or for no charge if a CPU350 or better. Your LM90 programs can easily be 'Imported' into this new software, but not from the "Back up" it needs to be Imported from an LM90 working Folder in Windows or that has been 'copied' to an external drive. "ZIP" one of yours up and I will test it to verify for you. Or you can get a demo DVD from your GE-IP supplier and do It yourself. Only takes a few seconds.

  6. A few things to look at: 1. Make sure that you are NOT getting a message that the SNP driver can't be loaded when you start LM-90. 2. Make sure that there ar NO services running that use the COM port assigned to the one you ask LM-90 to use. Such as some RS software. 3. Every CPU will have its own program that needs to be backed up, but if these other racks are expansion or remote racks they likely do not have a CPU in them. For the PCM, it likely will have its own program that needs to be backed up. But a few of these were used with custom chips or simply as extra SNP ports for an HMI or SCADA. SNP is the Series Ninety Protocol used to communicate to these.

  7. If you do not get what you are looking for here, you may want to search here: Or here:

  8. Use the "Math" Functions found in the "LD Instrutions" Drawer of the "Toolchest" in Proficy ME, select the one you need and press "F1" for detailed instructions or watch the "Companion" window for a brief description. In LM90 use Alt-H for help and select the different Math functions "F-keys" for help on them.

  9. Yes make a new Project and verify that the hardware configuration has the correct family of CPU. Then I suggest that you uplad the Hardware configuration first, then the Logic and Referance Values. With this older CPU there will not be any documentation but the logic will be there. Do not be too concerened if Proficy declairs that the logic you just uploaded does not "Equal" what is in the PLC as it will be that way until you "Download" to this CPU with your current version of Proficy ME.
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