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  1. 23 minutes ago, Sai Krishna said:

    it depends on type of rx3i CPU, you can also add additional ETM card and use ethernet IP protocol as standard. add the same IP in citect scada.addresses are %i %m%mw(%r)

    One can add an IC695ETM001 module to any open slot in the CPU rack on a RX3i system, however.

    I think he means GE SRTP or the EGD protocol no GE processors or modules communicate 'Ethernet IP' today.

  2. Look at the GE RX3i as the replacement. The CPE330 with Profinet soon to be built in is one of the most powerful CPU's available anywhere today. The Proficy ME software has its quirks but does everything needed and is IEC 6-1131 compliant. Once familiar with it one can be very productive. 



  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Steve. Please get Proficy ME and your troubles will be fewer.

    To get your USB to Serial adapter to work in the Virtual Machine please consult the documentation of the VM software you are using.  And remember LM90 only works with COMM 1 -4.

    I would also try a different USB - Serial adapter.


  4. Clock_S90_PAC_QP+.zdrw

    View File

    Updated Clock logic and HMI screen simple and well documented.

    To use this, 'Import' this 'Toolchest' Drawer file into your PMC's Toolchest. Then 'Copy' one of the Ladder Blocks into your 90-30 or PAC Rx3i Target by holding down the Ctrl key while drag-n-dropping it onto the 'Program Blocks' in the Navigator window.
    The QuickPanel Screen along with the 'Indexed Message Grid'  can similarly be brought into your QP or QP+ Target.
    If there is already variables in your project you may need to adjust some or all of those used here.

    The logic here also will help you to understand the Array_Move Function blocks in PME.

  5. I feel your pain, but the Series 5 PLC has not been available for more than 20 years so there has been plenty of time to prepare for this.
     Also how do think the original Engineers wrote the program in your Series 5 PLC, as they had no previous program to copy either. You may need to use the same process.

    Do you have the Manuals for the PLC 5? There are some here:



  6. Because of this the GE9 Driver will see only data from devices that are configured in the CMM331. You can verify what these are and which Address in the PLC is used by looking at the details of the Hardware Configuration of the CMM331 module. Use Proficy ME for this.

  7. Here is the official tutorial for that: KB14642: Quickstart Guide to Importing LM90 projects into Machine Edition The Support Site Knowledge Base is full if this sort of information. See also: And

  8. Okay, but I could help if you were willing to listen. BTW, these forums arre designed to help everyone not "just you". That is why I try to make my answers complete for the next person who is not lazy and seraches the forum for an answer. Maybe I will post the answer here for those who are smart enough to search the forum. That is when I get back from vacation in a couple of weeks. Also what part of this do you not understand? DETAIL in your question, promotes DETAIL in my answer.

  9. No work-around needed, just read the instructions, why is that so hard? Here is what I recommend if you do not want to use 'Enhanced Security' or have not properly documented your passwords. In the Navigator Window go to the 'Options' tab and change the Parameter to make this a 'Warning' instead of an 'Error'. In the 'Properties' of the 'Target' disable 'Enhanced Security' and on the QuickPanel 'Turn Off' Enhanced Security. Sorry I don't recall exact steps now but they can be found at the GE Support web site. Go to "KNOWLEDGE BASE" and search for "Enhanced Security".