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  1. VersaPro is more than 10 years old and no longer supported by GE, or anyone that I know of.
    GE has never had a public download link for any of their PLC programming software, not even Demo software.
    So if you do find a link beware because it is NOT from GE and likely tainted with "badware".

    To get a Demo copy contact GE direct or your local GE dealer.


  2. Hopefully someone from China will see this and reply with help...

    Meantime maybe if we knew what files you have and which OS you use there may be some local help too.


    Proof that we get what we pay for. ;-)




  3. Go to the hardware configuration and under your CPU select the Memory tab and change the total number of  %AI & %AQ's That your processor CAN use. Mke it more than any function or device uses.

  4. Whenever possible we recommend an Ethernet connection between the PLC and Robot, with GE PLC and Fanuc Robots we ask for the GE proprietary Ethernet protocol called EGD (Ethernet Global Data) this is configured on each end to exchange any data needed. Other protocols recommended would be Ethernet/IP and Profinet.

    As for Set/Reset I always recommend staying away from them except under controlled situations. IMHO it is better to use 'retentive' variables and/or holding contacts.


  5. No time to go into detail now but you are missing something. Get the VersaSafe Integration Kit and read the instructions again. Yes, you will need a GE SSO to download it.


    This manual describes integration of VersaSafe application into an RXi or RX3i control system. It contains procedural steps to implement the VersaSafe solution with the RXi / RX3i controller and Profibus/Profinet network. This manual also provides details on calculating the IO update time for VersaSafe system.

    The zip folder consists of Tool chest drawer file, CSV variable file and template project for quickest integration. The toolchest drawer file is to support integration of VersaSafe application for ME earlier than Rel 7.0 SIM 7.


  6. Jump on the chance sooner the better.

    Go here:

    And here:

    To search for details. Now is a good time because GE has programs to 'Trade in ' all the new components needed both hardware and software make sure that you work with your local suppliers to take advantage of these programs.



    Quickstart Guide to Importing LM90 project into Machine Edition.pdf

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  7. If this is the first time connecting you should use the "Temporary IP Utility" in Proficy or use a Serial cable to download the Hardware config to the PLC.

    Is your PC on the same network as the PLC?

    Did you tell Proficy ME the IP address of the PLC in the 'Properties' of the 'Project'?

    If you can 'Ping' the PLC from the PC the above is all that is needed.

  8. The IP address can be found using standard IP tools. Do a search on the 'net and learn how to use these tools.
     A few of these are 'arp', 'ipconfig'.

    Or if you can locate the "MAC ID" of the unit you can ping it.

    But if you own it, call them up and ask for it.




  9. First one needs to define what they consider to be SCADA and what they consider to be HMI. The two are similar but different. There are a couple of low cost HMI software packages and at lease one 'Free' one that I know of but they all come far from being considered SCADA in my humble opinion.
    Here is a very good no cost HMI package.

  10. The first thing you need to know is that with SCADA Software you get what you pay for.

    In this field the less you pay for the software and licenses to use that software the more time will be spent implementing, writing, troubleshooting, and getting the software to communicate to all of your devices. 

    As in life there is no such thing as a "Free Lunch". YMMV